#120 One Day, One Car

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Today from Germany with the timeless classic model that will always make you smile...

The car? The Porsche 911 Speedster

This model of Porsche which is already 29 years old and still one of the most desired models, only 2104 units were released on the market. People had the opportunity to discover this model for the first time during the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1988.
Powered by 3.6L 6 in-line cylinders 250 HP engine.

Did you know?

If you wonder what is the difference between Cabriolet and Speedster, here is the original explanation by Porsche:

"A cabriolet is a closed car which one can drive with open roof. A Speedster is an open car which one can drive with closed roof. "

The price In 2017, sold in the auction for 15 BTC.





Enjoy ;)

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This is another crypto goal.

Can I order this toy to Santa for 2019? :D This one is really amazing... 6 in line... The sound should be like a symphony!


Every winter will be a winter closer to your delivery.. lol

Perfect classic!

How amazing that you already have 120 editions of "One Day, One Car", excellent work brother, I love this type of content and always know about more beautiful vehicles, I hope you keep growing and greetings!


Yes it's quite the work even for short posts like this! Thanks for your kind words ;)

hallo @mandl your posting is very good friend, may i love you a little suggestion so i can be like you, oa and i am happy too if you want to drop by in my post hopefully, if you do not want nothing also because I'm quite happy we can be friends more like this thanks

No word... The sport car par excellence.


Yeah I mean they never ever stopped to better their cars. What a beautiful company.