Wow what a concept car

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Mercedes has done it again: a super cool looking concept car on CES.

Hey it does look cool and I would love to drive it.
But do you know what is missing: an actual car on the road that proves mercedes still has what it takes to compete.

I have seen mercedes promote their intelligent drive so often at CES and various TV commercials, but when I drive their cars they just seem utterly stupid.

Maybe that is because I am used to Tesla.

You know what they are missing: a marketing budget or concept cars on CES. But what they actually have are smart cars getting smarter about every two weeks on the road.

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Nice concept car. I think it would take at least ten years or more until we see cars like this on the roads...

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wow that is really futuristic incredible concept car turning it into a reality ahead would be like a dream come true :)

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