Guess the car answer...

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All of you who said RX7 are of course correct.
Its wearing the RE Amemiya AC987 body kit, the car was also known as the Super GReddy 8. The car from my previous post was RE Amemiyas show car and received extensive mods including the removal of the roof a custom windshield, removal of the door glass and replacement with perspex wind deflectors.
Tell tale signs were the door shape, the hood, which is a Scoot hood used on Phil Sohns car in one of my recent posts. Also those side skirts... they are the same ones as on my own car.

Image Source Speedhunters

With the roof its slightly more recognisable.


At a quick glance it actually reminds me of the Porsche 959


Yeah I guess that was maybe the idea, I think the front lamps are Porsche items.

My thoughts exactly!!!

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Maximum points to me ;)

Maximum points for cheating you mean! 😂

but of course ;)

I wonder what the chassis rigidity is like with the top chopped off on that car, I actually photographed one with the hard top here in New york! it's my last post! The owner was a really nice guy but wished to keep his identity a secret.

I would think it’s probably been strengthened quite a bit. I guess it weighs more than a standard Rx7 by quite a bit after all the mods!

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