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Ok, so which one would you choose?

  1. RX7 it's quicker, makes hell of a noise, has no sound system and is like driving a rocket powered Go-Kart.

  2. RX8 this car has excellent road manners, 4 proper adult sized seats, "suicide" rear doors (its a 4 door), a gorgeous leather interior and a Bose sound system, a computer aided driving system that assists braking and traction.

I will be making a full review and comparison coming in spring!

RX8 interior

RX7 interior


Would have to choose the RX7. I'm more of a fan of the "raw" driving experience - and besides, a rocket powered go kart just sounds awesome.

Haha yeah it’s fun to drive short distance. The 8 is much better for long distance driving though and it’s still pretty quick and light.

As I still can't adjust my thoughts to the look for the '8', I'd have to go with the '7'.

Yeah, RX8's, you need to look at them a lot... for a long time. Eventually you get it lol.
It does drive bloody fabulously though, plus they are dirt cheap :D

Is the lifespan between engine rebuilds the same as the 7?

Depends which year model. The one in the pic has a new engine. 74,000miles. 2003/2004 was the worst years, the oil injectors were too small!

The RX7 hands down!

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I didn't need to read the post my decision was already made haha RX7

FD RX7 for sure, it's just amazing, but if I could get any of them I would be happy haha

They are actually both great cars, in fact the RX8 has a better more advanced chassis than the RX7. 😎

Rx7 FTW. Who needs a sound system anyway :p

Haha, yeah it was just dead weight, you couldn't hear it anyway :D

I would choose the RX7 and I'll definitely add a Rocket Bunny bodykit on it.
I am looking forward to see your upcoming review : )

🚀 🐰 yeah the RB kit is really cool, I wouldn’t do it to this 7 though, the shell and paint are in great original condition. Have you seen the RX8 RBunny kit, that’s something we are considering for this one, it’s not in such good cosmetic condition 😉

yeaa you're right about the paint. Now I saw the lack of paint on the bottom right handside of the front bumper of the rx8.

Yes, I've seen Mad Mike's rx8.
In fact the rx8's rocket bunny is sicker than the rx7.
Do you plan to add more horses to the rx7's vankel or you would prefer to keep it in it's original condition?

Haha dont worry the engine isn't original, massive turbo under that hood. I will be posting some pics and more video of this car. Its not tuned to the max yet, only about 330-350bhp.
The RX8 has been smacked on the front, several times, actually waiting on an insurance claim right now, someone reversed into it last year. That will pay for some mods.

Hah, seems like you're ready with the "blueprints". Keep it up. The fun part will begin when you get the parts. The RX8 doesn't look like it has been smacked. Obviously some good repair work has been done.
Fingers crossed you'll get the claim soon : )

The RX8 seems to have a very bendy nose, the metal behind it is pushed in, there are some small cracks and damage to it. I’ll probably cover this in a video. It might get repaired and we Plasti Dip the whole car.

I'm sure you will make a little beatiful beast out of it. : )
A friend of mine tried to cover his wheels with plasti dip.. A week later he regretted that. I don't know whether the dip was low quality or he was just bad at it. :D

You need to put on a lot of layers of it. Otherwise it doesn’t forms proper coating. Hoping to get a proper gun and give it a try.

RX-7 without question. Unfortunately the RX-8 is gutless, it blows my mind that they would't atleast give it the same BHP as the 7.
You can get the RX-7 to 330BHP from its 276BHP very easily just with reliability mods. RX-7's are the sexiest looking car on the planet.

All very true! It’s my step sons first proper car, I think it’s enough for him. Plus it was dirt cheap, he would of bought a 7 or an S15 if he had the money.

Agh I completely understand, yeah insuring a 7 with little no claims would be super expensive, if he could get insured at all. Good luck to him and his rotary! :D

We don’t have the insurance problem you have. We live in Sweden, totally different insurance system here! They can’t even refuse you insurance here, it’s against the law 😂

Wow! That is pretty cool. Its a nightmare in England. I have owned many jap import performance cars over the years, but because I haven't owned one in the last 12 months, they almost wouldn't insure me on my FD. I had to provide proof that I owed a rear wheel drive turbo car before. Lucky I still had proof of my S14.

Holy crap is it the bad now. I am from UK, moved 15 years ago. My Rx7 costs about 150 quid a year to fully insure with a specialist insurance company.

Thats impressive. I pay around the £500 mark a year, and am limited to 4000 miles

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