Amazing RX3 retro 70's ride.

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This car is owned by Phil Sohn, he's big on Rotary powered cars and also owns 2 RX7's, one of which is constantly evolving into a new and amazing build every year it seems.
These pictures are in fact the same car, the Blue paint version is the original factory paint for this car, more often than not the car is wrapped in vinyl, dramatically changing its look, but also protecting that original paint.

Images are sourced from and Superstreet online.
For a full write up of this car by SuperStreet click here:






This is phukn sex, lovin the old school rides when they are spotted, but getting much more rare these days, lol.

Yeah I love the 70's Jap stuff, its got a real cool look when they sit 'em some wide small diameter wheels.

Why does the name Phil Sohn sound so familiar?

Oh jeez matey, he’s a virtual rotary god 😂

Hey I forgot. Phil also has a Cosmo. That guy has it all 😂😎

Jealous. Must compete, I need more!

I think he has a Subaru for a daily...

I wonder how light these rx3's are? They should be lighter than the 1st gen rx7, but the rx8 seat on the passenger side is a really nice touch!

They weigh about 930kg or 2000lbs. 130hp standard. Tuned more like 200-270hp.

A definite head-turner.

I’ll post some pics of his other cars later.. pretty amazing builds.

Super cool rx3. That body kit looks kind of like rocket bunny.

Yeah the spoiler is very Rocket Bunny looking and is probably the inspiration for those R'Bunny kits. The RX3 had these optional flares and aero parts way back in the 70's, so you could build your own look alike JTCC or IMSA race car.

Gimme gimme gimme!

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