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This is one of Phil Sohns cars, now Phil is an absolute rotary car god. Not just because he owns at least 4 wankel engined Mazda cars, but because he has worked on so many amazing builds. Phils RX7 builds are infamous to say the least. Below are some pics of various RX7 builds, I think these are the very same car, it has been vinyl wrapped, plastic dipped and sprayed in various colours through the years, had different body kits and wings. Phil has also fitted numerous interior mods, even replacing the entire dash to make a digital dashboard.

Once again these are not my pics, if you want to see more of any of Phils cars follow him on instagram @herblenny

Click on any image for hires pics...


Different bumper, bonnet, mirrors, wing, wheels, etc. etc.




This is mean as hell... check out the rear ducktail spoiler!


If you think the car below is the same as the car above, look at the rear diffuser under the bumper and the exhaust...


Here's a few pics of it dipped in matt black back in 2013...





Dayummmmm! That pearlescent wrap is crazy

Not sure if it’s wrap or dip?! I know he has done both.

The Satin Black Batmobile for me please :)

Yeah it’s real mean looking! 😈

The single photo rear shot matt silver Rx7 with the GT wing is may favorite of the bunch but if i were to go over the top I would go with a chameleon paint job. The first photo has the best set of matching rims for that chameleon paint for sure.

Yeah those rims look good with that chameleon paint. I think that’s the best bumper too, same as on the black version. Love the light conversion on this car, it’s the only conversion I would fit instead of the factory pop ups.

You should look for the R magic Rx7, it's one of my all time favorites!

Yeah thats a really nice car!

I love the RX7! Such a smooth ride and very fun to drive.

Hi, yeah I think it’s the most fun car I have owned. I can’t stop grinning when I drive it! 😁

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