My car finds. Number 21.

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An unrestored Triumph Spitfire in need of some TLC. These cars are tiny and if you see the Triumph GT6 that is a hard top version with a 6 cylinder engine these are what the Datsun/ Nissan Z cars like 240/260z etc are modeled on.






DQmW8ymp6TUCoVQE8AjZtUpcVLiQasjgt2K7jxAQMUUsMXq_1680x8400 (1).png

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That GT6 is bloody awesome!

These pics are of the Spitfire the GT6 is the hardtop with 6 cylinder engine.

That last shot really makes it look like a Tamiya model. Still life in the old buzz box yet though :)

Haha Tamiya model.

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Thats a rare car mate 😊

Yes not many about anymore.

wow beautiful classic car, lovely dear