W Motors Fenyr SuperSport: made in Dubai

in #cars6 years ago

The manufacturer of Dubai W Motors has completed his hypercar Fenyr SuperSport. Powered by a Porsche engine reworked by RUF, the coupe displays 800 hp.


W Motors came to Geneva with the Fenyr SuperSport. The builder of Dubai has worked more than 2 years on this model. He finally chose a Porsche original RUF engine of 3.8 l. Its 6-cylinder is pushed to 800 hp and 980 Nm. And as the Dubai hypercar weighs 1350 kg, the acceleration cuts the breath: 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 s.


The manufacturer announces a top speed of 400 km / h. And a price of more than 1.2 million euros for each of the 25 copies planned.



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