Bentley Bentayga Hybrid: Crewe's ecological juggernaut.

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It was at the Geneva International Motor Show that the Crewe company decided to present its first hybrid vehicle, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid. According to the engineers, this hybrid SUV is the first step of the brand towards electric. Written on 07 March 2018 Category Bentley Bentayga by Gentleman Racer


Adrian Hallmark, Bentley Motors' new President and CEO, says, "By combining our brand's historic values ​​with the latest technology, the Bentayga Hybrid is Bentley's first step on the road to electric. It brings the best of both worlds together for our customers: consistent, challenging performance for fast lanes and clean, quiet driving in the city, a growing requirement as regulations around the world continue to evolve. "

"The Bentayga Hybrid is part of the Bentley tradition, placing itself at the forefront of a new automotive sector, the luxury hybrid, and putting our brand on the path to a sustainable future symbolized by the electric. "

Intelligent technologies at the service of the experience ...


The Bentayga Hybrid is obviously powered by a complex system that uses several sources of energy. The first is a "classic" V6 petrol supercharged 3-liter engine and the second is a highly efficient electric motor. It serves as both an electric motor and generator to provide a flawless driving experience and optimal autonomy in electric mode alone.

The charging socket on the Bentayga Hybrid is on the opposite side of the conventional fuel tank. It allows the car to be connected to a domestic mains socket or to a public charging station. The rear luggage compartment contains two custom bags including the cables needed to connect the vehicle in both cases.


With more than 50 km in the NEDC cycle, the electric range is impressive. On a power outlet, it takes 7.5 hours to fully charge the battery. However, customers with a home charging station will see this delay drop to 2.5 hours.

The Start & Stop switch gives way to a command dedicated to the three electric modes, EV Drive, Hybrid and Hold, to allow the driver to manage the battery level during his travels. But the driver of the Bentayga Hybrid also needs a new type of information. As a result, a revised infotainment screen and an E Motion information screen have been designed to provide detailed data on the performance, consumption and energy source used.


Unfortunately Bentley, does not say a word about his performance. The mark gives us no figures on the max speed or on the TOP 100.

A refinement monster so Bentley!

The Bentayga's cockpit redefines the boundaries of luxury and precision with the rigorous differences between sumptuous wood veneers and metal elements. The dashboard is inspired by iconic Bentley wings. Exquisitely finished surfaces float gracefully from door to door to the instruments, pass under the center console and finally wrap the side dashboards and feet space of the passengers.


The rigorously selected wood veneers adorn the entire interior with purity and elegance. Each of the 15 pieces was crafted from seven different veneers by Bentley craftsmen, who brought the meticulous finishes dear to the brand.

Polished and hand-crafted metal elements adorn the dashboard, center console and doors. Bentley's signature knurling of the shift lever and pommel, "bull's eye" ventilation vents and organ games bring even more sophistication and sophistication.

The sumptuous hand-crafted Crewe front seats offer exceptional support and comfort in any situation with 22 adjustment options, including adjustable back cushions. This sense of well-being is further enhanced by a six-program massage system, seat heating and ventilation.

All Bentayga leathers can have contrasting stitching for both four- and five-seat configurations. The top of the back and the side cushions can be upholstered with diamond-shaped upholstery reminiscent of a custom made British hunting jacket.

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