Lamborghini Hurricane Coupé~2018

in cars •  5 months ago


Hello steemit community I want share with you one of the fastest car in world.

My freind Tony just bought this beast.


Hurricane Coupé.



Luxury meets the ghost.

Lamborghini inside is the Huracán.

MSRP: From $199,800

Horsepower: 573 to 630 hp






Hope You Guys Like My Post.






Thank you.

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This car is sooooo beautiful


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I love these Machines ever since I laid eyes on the Lamborghini Countach in the 80s as a kid. I will own one within 2 years.


It’s my favorite car to I hope I have it one day thank you for you support

wow !!! it's look like having hurricane around it lol...

Lamborghini. My dream Car
Nice click


Thank you my dream car also

This car is beautiful... You should drop the specs... Would love to one day own something like this.


Tnx on the next one I will

Guaaaooo es grandioso me gustaría algún día tener uno así..

It is indeed a great machine on wheel @gclipse. Lamborghini has been the favourite car of the energetic super rich classes.

Can we conclude therefore that your friend is Supper Rich???


He is somewhat rich I’m pretty sure he has millions

Thank you all for commenting please don’t forget to Resteem and upvote

Excelente vehiculo....

How much ever the cost and the style of the car may be !
The real thing is in "Maintaining " it carefully...
"Luxuries can never stop Uncertainties"!


Yes thank you very true

Wow I love this ride, it's really dope. I wish I can ride on this one day

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white Lamborghini, white Lamborghini
look at shiny!
it cost me huge money!!

It is funny: I can't see so many Lamborghini here in Italy as I saw in other countries.... No wait, it is not funny, it is sad :-)


It’s funny and sad lol

wooow its sooo beautiful


your welcome @gclipse i will be there waiting your post .. i hope u do best ..

Have you ever thought about whiting it out?? White where all the chrome is? I've always wanted to see it.


It’s my friend car I’m pretty sure he will thank you

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Un auto muy bello comodo y de gran fuerza y elegancia

Lovely ride..... Its really cool

Nice car. I wish have that someday :D

Best option to standout of the crowd.Lamborghini's done it again


Yes it is super stand out

I don't like supercar's so much but this one looks very beautiful :) Maybe because I like white cars :D