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Watch it with sound, you will love it!


This ad by Alfa-Romeo should win an ADVERTISING OSCAR.
The person who had the idea to make it like it is: THANK YOU, YOU ROCK!

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Ok yeah that is pretty cool. Have you seen this advert ? This is my favourite one.


That's really amazing!!!! Love it and thanks ;) let see who is going to show what))) I upvoted you!!!

You can resteem my post too ;)


dude, that was amazing, how do I​ resteem that???


When you are on my post, at the bottom of the post there should be a button like an arrow to make it. Thanks!


I must have shown 30 people this clip today... A lot​ of them told me it was fake, I​ told them I don't care because I want to believe it's real !!!

Really Great

What a great advert
Your friend at steemit. follow me upvote me @fenmark

epic driving skills, and to get the camera so close while spinning on ice is just fantastic. Love it!