One last ride

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This morning a few of us including @aaronleang and @yadea went for one last drive before the calender turn 2019, once again at our regular route through Kuala Kelawang to Titi town. The drive itself was just like any other drive we had before, the only notable exception being seeing this Volkswagen Passat on it's roof inside the ditch.

The above picture was taken during our return leg back from Titi, but the crash already happened earlier on our way towards Titi.

Going towards Titi, the location of this crash is just after a right hand corner, preceding which is a long and relative straight downhill stretch. Furthermore a moderate amount of fog descended upon this stretch this morning, as you can see from @yadea's dashcam footage below:

I guessed what happened was the Passat entered the corner too fast and understeered into the ditch before it rolled. I know it was fast because it was part of a multiple car convoy who blew past us at a considerable rate of speed when I was meeting up with my friends by the side of the road.

Sad to say, this is not the first time I saw cars ended in the ditch at this exact corner - I also saw an A31 Cefiro sideways inside the ditch at this same corner just 2 weeks ago.

Fortunately in both cases the car's occupant(s) escaped unscathed.  I won't comment on the circumstances that lead to the accidents, though I do want to re-iterate that these drives are for fun, not for competition. Respect the other drivers, respect other road users and never ever forget to respect the route.

It seems the phrase "One last ride" is more literal for some than others.

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when going to these places, we must respect the mountain pass


sure have idiots who ruin it for everyone else.