Snow Tires?!

in cars •  4 months ago

I was walking around Vail Village in Vail Colorado tonight with my family when we ran across this beast! Man would I love to get behind the wheel of this thing in some deep powder during the winter time. It sure does not look very fast but I feel like it might be able to climb trees. At first I thought this was fake but after further inspection It has been modified and actually turned into a snow cat of some sort.


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Cool picture @broncnutz! Those track systems are definitely fully functional, but rather pricey. makes some cheaper alternatives.

Anyways this takes me back to when I first learned about track systems because Ken Block put a set on his Subaru rally car:

Thats cool dude! The wheels seems like of that of the tank but it is just mini compared to it. Im just wondering, How fast its top speed?


I have no idea.

Good for snow but not take speed , and may consumption of fuel is too high..


It’s a gas hog for sure!


If possible pls post a video of this , when its run... thanks
I think looks amazing..

wow thats awesome.look like a battle tank.

I love it, I wish I could ride it since it makes me curious enough. It's luxury. I guess with those tires there would be no problem in climbing to the steepest part!

was actually impressed that in my country changing tires during winter/summer is a typical thing but for other countries like US/UK is something rather unusual.

it suprises me that there is no law in britain which makes it mandatory to have winter tires in the winter. I mean... there is a reason why winter tires and summer tires have their specific name....

@broncnutz I think you mean in Deep "POWDER" not power. I am going to go back to eating my Powered Donut now.............


Noted! Thanks for keeping me str8 cuz.

Wow. It great to see the design of this wheel. I know about that it produce more power than traditional design tires. And this will be valuable at un plain surfaces. Due to the the more gear links betwen the chains the wheel produce power like an engine. So awesome idea.

wow....that's a reall badd ass.. :)
When we were in the US at the end of 2016 we've rented a Cadillac Escalade.. 5.8 liters beast.... We aren't used to those cars overhere so I had the time of my life... I love the American cars... But this snowmobile is the next level...,wow...


This GMC is the Denali package. The inside of this thing is as nice as a high end Cadillac


It looks awesome.... the real deal ...

Would love to see this beast in motion!


I wonder if you could use it in a mud that would be fun.


It sure would.

OH man, this is the blaster, I want to meet the owner of this!
do you own this?


Nah not mine.


Then buy it man, what are you waiting for?

Wow its looks like a Robocop walking slowly slowly ha ha. Really nice.


Would you drive it?


Yes it's very easy for me if it walk like Robocop.

wow, modified the perfect, I was curious when going to use the car :)

that is some kind of serious vehical.look at the wheel.i dont see this before,trust me.i loves that...

I've gone 6 years on a set of winter tires so at 75 dollars per tire you get your moneys worth. They never lose there tread and most times have to be replaced due to weather cracking. That's my experience here in Canada. Obviously if you spin the hell out of them and drift and do burn outs you will be lucky to get a year out of them. Summer tires last about 3 years with normal wear.

This is really amazing idea @broncnutz hats off to that guy who owns this vehicle.

I would love to have ride on it. I'm inspired by the creativity of its maker.
mind blowing.

Yoo, these is the most coollest one I had ever seen.I wish if I have one beast like these one.Now it's the time to wait for winter for the beast owner.

oh my god,thats awesome .look at the wheel,thats over the head.i loves that.
tnx man for sharing...

For the winter or for traveling to the mountains, this is a good device, but on the asphalt and at a speed of about 60 km / h the caterpillars will not last long.
It is necessary to change the summer tire.

It would be nice to run this car on my farm.

@broncnutz,sir today I'm going to list it down in wish list. And if I'll get it I'll let you know

Hello friend,how are you,this is really crazy idea,still i love it.

It's amazing! Surely it would cost a lot of money to convert!I think it's worth it! :)

You're leaving out the fact the summer tires would beat or equal the winter tires in the second test if the road was dry at the same temperatures. So are they really better for the entire winter? No not really, only when it's wet. To be honest the winter tires have a larger lead over the summer tires in the wet, then the summer tires have over the winter tires in the dry.

This is very cool idea and love this vehicle.

I want to ride on the snow with this tires. Do you ride @broncnutz?
Amazing product. Especially tires wanna unbelievable.

That looks like a pretty sweet winter ride. Bring on the storms. This guy must just laugh when the snow comes. I could use one of those up here in Canada when the snow get super deep.

nice pics... here is mine


How nice. This wheel design is great to see. I know that this traditional design produces more energy than tires and it is non-steppe periphery. Due to more gear relations in fetters or chains, and produces a power similar to that of an engine. So it is not bad idea

Wow what a beautiful modified jeep it is!!!
i mean the coloring and the tires part ofcourse it looks like they modified it like they do in Fast and Furious movies!
This is so amazing i want a ride please :P
This type of vehicle is not allowed to run ! Sad isn't it :(

Wow is a GMC car, this car can climb even on high mountains, at very high speeds

cool car.
beast for the snow bro

ordu için bu lastiklerden üretildiğini duymuştum

its a beast loved it

Best innovation of the year!

Great idea so we can use this vehicle anywhere.......LOL

Good for snow. Thanks for sharing this post.

Great idea i am so happy,thanks a lot for sharing,love his innovation behind it.

No snow tires, no problem. Cool vehicle! I wonder how fast can this GMC truck move.

thats very great idea to make a car....

@broncnutz, That modifying blaster looks indeed. I'm wondering to see it. Sure...It's amazing productivity. :D

Modifications are very good and very suitable to ride it when the road is filled with snow @broncnutz

Nice post
Good luck

@broncnutz, cool creativity

Congratulations sir, your post is great.. this is,a very beautiful car photography but most likely

oh yeah man, it can climb anything easily.

Woa great ideo his lookclike very amazing and funny. Nics post. Thanks for share this pic.

very nice idea . so you are great. this car is amazing. I like it.i supported to your opinion.

The tire is similar to trank tires. But it is an amazing invention. That's really a fun car.

Would like to see it as army car?! better than every tank

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