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in cars •  6 months ago

From the early days of the Model T to the current massive truck on jacked up lift kits and wicked med tires, things have definitely changed for the Ford Motor Company. Today the auto makers legacy has extended into the future with the decision to revive the old train station and several other buildings into a research and development complex to study cars of the future. Today is a great day from not only Detroit Michigan but also the American worker.

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It has been sad to watch Detroit continue to sink. It was once a vibrant and booming city and now those are all just memories. This sounds like a great idea. Anything that can pump the economy and create jobs in Detroit should be a welcomed project.

Hello sir, good to see you.Seems it's a great idea.Such an amazing video once again.Your talking style is awesome.Thanks for sharing sir.

Since we lose to most countries in exports we have instead made the defense industry rich.

Very nice idea in bringing more specs and new features to the auto industry.
They are many of their products here in Nigeria

Seems a great idea to widen the research area in this field! I think it is a great step to bring more features into auto industry.

Honestly speaking i have no idea about cars etc

Quite a nice vlog to check out something very interesting you shared a nice day infact :)

I like bringing more jobs and especially tech jobs to America let's go Ford.
Broncnutz to be frank I like your take on crypto. If you get time to read some of my crypto post on crytpo and the market and the businesses behind them I would love your take on it. I'm not seeking for your upvote I just respect and value your opinion and would love to know what you think. Keep it going man!

It's a great idea, Good luck and run as planned.

This is amazing idea @broncnutz you are the master of innovation.

great idea from ford it helps for future transportation needs

actually i have no idea about cars or motors but sounds great...

I agree with your writing.

This is great to see sir,you are producing amazing ideas in our community.

Ya ford cars are such a powerful cars

True say, agreed with you

Hallo mein Herr, es ist schön dich zu sehen. Es scheint eine großartige Idee zu sein. Ich denke, es ist ein großer Schritt, mehr Funktionen in die Automobilindustrie zu integrieren. Sie haben tatsächlich einen guten Tag geteilt :) @broncnutz