Will this buff out?

in #cars2 years ago


Parked up cars at the customs and tax office somewhere in Bangkok. Many grey-import tax avoiding exotics were seized a few years back when these were taken. There was a story about it in the press - how they’d mysteriously caught fire on a transporter... someone didn’t want anyone else to have them?

I’m not gonna speculate further! I just happened to be cruising through a part of town when I came across this lot ...


Very serious damage, who knows where it will go next...

Maybe some of this Bentley was salvageable- I wonder where it is today


This Ferrari has seen better days. Again, I saw all these a few years back. Wonder if they are still around or got sent off somewhere to be upcycled?


I do wonder if you could make nice daybeds or garden furniture from cleaning up the naked frames of these supercars?


Gnarly impossible restoration or garden furniture?

Hope you found this interesting ... I mostly post nonsense thoughts, photos, stuff I see, beer and cars on this particular blog account ... mirrored on whalshares.io as @rosswlkr

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