Incredible classic BMW meet in Thailand

in #cars2 years ago

Shame I couldn’t be there, so instead just a few of the choice shots from this amazing looking gathering! I’ve seen them happen a few times around especially Bangkok. Must look out to make it to one soon. There’s a lot of classics quietly tucked away that have been imported over the years in the country, a lot of wealthy locals are around also these days. Many are possibly still being imported as non-road going “show” vehicles. I think this may even allow them to be driven a few times a year, but not as a daily ... I bet a few have inherited wrecks from elder family members and restored to conditions seen.

Here is (gasp) a Facebook link to all of them


Looks wild whatever this is


2002 - unmistakable and one of the ones that started it all for BMW


6 series from the early 80s - beautiful luxury sports coupe


a bit of hardcore details



More 6




E30 EVO ... maybe

So many ... can’t believe the turnout and quantity !


Thai beauty with German beast :)

Thanks and credit to original post

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