Classic Datsun 1600's (510) at Bang Saen Beach, Thailand.

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When I was growing up in Australia, one of my best friends owned one of these and we spent countless hours fixing it up, modifying it and even changed the 1600 engine for a bigger 2 litre version. The result was for us at the time, a very fast little fun car that didn't cost much money. It was everything you wanted as a 17 year old lad.

Datsun 1600


In production from 1968 to 1973, the Datsun (now Nissan) 1600 has long been a favourite among car enthusiasts. Inspired by the contemporary European sedans of the time, some people referred to it as the "Poor Man's BMW." It also gathered fame for its rallying success outside of Japan, and was a popular model in The USA, Canada and Australia.

It was therefore with some glee that I spotted these 2 examples parked outside the beachside resort of Bang Saen in Thailand. For a variety of reasons, you don't often see classic cars in Thailand, and this was the first time I had seen this particular model in over a decade.


It was great chatting to the two Thai owners who were real enthusiasts and were proud to show of their workmanship. The red car in particular had undergone and extensive restoration. This included an engine out full respray and a rebuilt and detailed engine as well as re-trimmed interior. Remember these cars are nearly 50 years old, but they look immaculate.



This is not cheap hobby, but I could tell for these owners it was a real labour of love, and the best thing about restoring cars, is when you are finished and you get to cruise them to your beach with your friends on the weekend and talk to other enthusiasts about your passion...Great Stuff.


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Gotta love them headlights!?! The engine looks so easy to work on.


thats one of the great things about cars from this era, so simple to work on.

Beautiful cars dear friend @bkkshadow excellent find, thank you very much for the story.


I'm glad you like them, thanks for your kind comment :)

One of my friends also had a 1600 SSS, we used to have many street races from traffic light to traffic light with our cars in those years!!


they were surprisingly quick, I guess a small car with not much weight. A Datsun 1600 was the first car I ever did 120miles per hour in



Nice car!


thanks Tangmo


You're welcome! :)

Yeah ... Datsun.nice .. But I prefer Toyota Corola DX 81. Nice ! :)