Chronicles of Alan : My Friend Brian O. #7

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So, one day Brian turns up at my 5 acre Plot in Helderblom , where I also had a collection of various odd cars and bikes>

Say's he has purchased a Honda S600 Coupe, wants to put a Formula Atlantic Mazda Rotary Motor in it, do I have a Back Axle that would work?

I do , of course, a Chev Firenza 2.5 Axle and Diff!

Anyhow we come to an arrangement and I go to see his car, modeled on a Motorcycle Engine ( to me -Chain Drive!).

Brian Builds this Monster, and adds a Turbo to this already very quick car!

Not long after he built it, the usual?, a call from Overseas :- " I believe you have an original running Honda S600?", Name your Price!

This threw Brian into a bit of depression , he sold this very quick machine.( it was definitely , no longer original)

The next I heard of it , there was a Country road near Brits where the Police would cordon off a road , once a year and you could go and try your car out through the Speed Trap equipment.

They clocked the car in excess of 170mph , something went horribly wrong, (probably a blowout) by the time the wreckage was reached , Driver was in the road, had turned Blue, Stone Dead!

I mentioned in #6 that I would tell you about a Quick Fiat?

Brian combined a Stripped Fiat 500 Body with a Chrysler Hemi V8 from a Truck!

Pretty much sat with his upper Body sticking out the Back Window!, Automatic Box!

This was entered in the C Dragster Division and his times have never been beaten!

This is of course partially due to the fact that they cancelled the class !

Basically , Brian always won! Everyone else was battling for second place! ( In the C dragster class)

In these Chronicles of Alan, I am basically writing short excerpts from My Life and the People I associated with.

I find items on YouTube that help with the idea of the Story, they do not belong to me.

Hope you enjoy this further Narrative on some of Brian's exploits!

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Amazing transformation my friend. Great work done by you.

Wow so Brian built this monstrous amazing Honda S600 Coupe, I mean the turbo and improvisation how did he even get to turn the car that way? The mph and so?

Well you have an amazing chronicle collection trust me

Added a Turbo to it! incredible! And yes your right Brian always wins.

the police cordon off roads in South Africa? Here, if you speed they cordon off roads, catch you and then plan your lengthy prison stay :)

Would give a left nut for a S800

I really enjoyed this. You have an amazing collection of cars. I love these videos especially the second one.
Thanks for sharing.

excellent video dear friend @awgbibb

Wow! What a nice post.i really love your the videos,it is clear and sounds is worth it.

good collection

beautiful amazing colletion.also good post.thanks for of luck!

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awesome vedio of car nice vedio.

wonderful car related post.i am your new fan brother.i follow you.resteem this great post.

the cars are freaking hot and amazing

Brian leave no way to win for other hahah

cars are super amazing its wonderful to see those

I can call it classic and gorgeous.

Thank you and Have a great day.

OMG those are some classical beast :)

Brain is the real hero :) Thanks

Awesome to see more South Africans on Steemit! Follow you and upvoted your post. Lookimg forward to building up Teamsouthafrica!

excellent videos. i like it friend @awgbibb

Incredible videos you shared bro so much to learn from that interesting

So much speed pushes everything to the breaking point.

the cars were impressive and amazingly cool :)

These cars are amazing. I like these videos and loved your passion. Thanks for sharing.

Amazingness at its best isn't it wow those were mindblowing videos

Yes i enjoyed this narrative and brian is a real hero.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

amazing cars the best i have seen its interesting :)

Awesome @awgbibb ! This is another very creatively thought up cars statement.
wonderful color in cars.
Keep it up you did some really genius and
I am wait to see your next post.

beautiful video. i like it

All videos are very amazing .
Thanks and keep posting

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As always, a wonderful post and video, I looked with pleasure. Thank you for sharing.

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Judging by your words, Brian is a wonderful and talented person. Very interesting video, especially the last. Thanks for sharing.

Even tho i am a rookie in motor knowledge,i am interested to read posts and stories like this.the first time i saw a harley and davidsons documentary i am interested in this stuffs.thanks for a great post and had fun reading it and growing in the process.

Great post, nice video with cars
I like this post, thanks for sharing

Brian yeah he always wins somehow and his exploits are always wonderful, I was thinking how many races did Brian take?


Mainly into Drag Racing, Built quite a few successful Cars for Others . Would race his own Street Cars in the "Run what you Brung" street Races, often winning his class . In a lot of cases his street transport against Trailered in Competition and still win. Will still do a Post on it , but one of his Regular Road going cars could beat 10 seconds in a quarter mile ! And we are at 6000ft above sea-level!


Please look at my response to jawad09, in response to virtually the same question by both of you, Thank You.

@awgbibb - Sir, your friend Brian is a genius... Wonderful chronicle about him Sir...
'Basically , Brian always won! Everyone else was battling for second place!'


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nice to share it

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best of luck for teamsouthafrica


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impressive chronicle of your friend alan. excellent post with nice collection of videos. @awgbibb

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Brian Builds this Monster, and adds a Turbo to this already very quick car!
He makes beasts by using normal cars. Fantastic story.

Chronicles of Alan : My Friend Brian O. #7
Awaiting to hear the next Chronicles. This is so great~

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Brian is amazing person and very nice video.
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Hey @awgbibb nice to hear that your friend Brian always wins. This feeling is so awesome. These cars gave me lot of energy. I wish I could watch some race of Brian.


This is looking so Cute in Yellow:


Keep updating us with your awesome work. Thanks!


I realise that with yourself and asteemian there was a misunderstanding, I did not say he always won?, I said he always won the C dragster class , to the point where it was cancelled. He was actually more interested in building Cars, usually for others

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Hello @awgbibb,

Extraordinary good post & interesting story of your friend Brian.


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Another great story or three!

Pretty much sat with his upper Body sticking out the Back Window!, Automatic Box yeah the pretty much car and i like to travel in

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