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My first memories growing up...

Ever since I was a little boy, I have always loved the way cars enhanced life. My parents had a love for travel that they passed onto me. Many of my first memories were on the road, traveling from one exciting place to another. My dad was really into the original muscle cars. I remember seeing many photos of all the cars he drove over the years.


I have taken my interest​ in cars to levels beyond my own comprehension​. I have photographed so many amazing machines. Porsche​, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghinis​ (including one of Donald Trump's Lambo​ and Team Salamone's chromed out Lambo), Ferrari, and even Maserati​ were some of the cars I have captured.​

1 pony to 700 ponies alexandermazzei.jpg

Growing up as a kid, I loved horsepower​! My grandma would take me to the race tracks where she would deliver​ products to the trainers, and I was left out front with the goat. Timeless occasions​, I​ would end up on the floor after the goat headbutt​ me and then chewed on my shoes. I knew from that point in life, horses and farms weren't​ my cup of tea.


Years went by from the farm days, and my taste for automobiles​ increased. The day had finally come​, and it was time to take my road test and get a drivers license. I didn't​ realize if you touch a cone it's an automatic fail. So, I had to wait a little longer to take the test again and this time I passed with flying colors.


After several years of driving, I got the opportunity​ to work for a Mobile Staging company. The most interesting​ part of my life was, I was always traveling to somewhere exciting. When I started to work for the staging company, my traveling went to the next level. And I was thrown into a truck for the first time in my life.


With all the traveling experiences I had, I felt like it would be a piece of cake. Driving across​ the country sounded so glamorous​ when I first started. But That couldn't​ be farther from the truth. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot​ of fun, and I got to be at​ the most epic events every weekend. Only I never drove a trailer before, and I was forced to follow 2 other trucks for a short drive from Miami to Jacksonville Florida. Our journey started at 4 am cause we had to get to the event and set up and do a sound check. The event was going to start the following day. I made it safe and sound to Jacksonville. The adrenalin​ must have kept me awake, but driving a truck is way different than​ driving a car that is super low to the ground. Over time I learned to like sitting up a lot​ higher and being able to see everything from what feels like a bird's​ eye view.


One of the jobs I was put on several times was the Today Show in New York. I got to meet Rascal Flatts​ at that show and again a week later at the country music awards in Nashville, Tennessee. So it was a lot of fun to be able to see people who many put on a pedestal​, ​backstage​, and talk to them like regular​ people​.



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Awesome! Great pics and story! Keep it coming :)


Thanks, ​babe!

Out of this world post! I also absolutely love cars and traveling! Very cool to meet Rascal Flatts! Thank you very much for following me! It means the world to me! Please keep in touch! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)


thanks @extraterrestial I got so much more to share and learn...

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thanks for the follow @alexandermazzei

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Great read thanks. And thanks for following me.