Some Guys Have all the Luck - by@awgbibb

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The title is the first line of a Rod Stewart Song, Wonderful Singer , Had a Habit of Marrying extremely Good looking Women and then everything would go Bad.

I remember reading something he wrote , but I am sure has not stuck to :-

" I am not marrying again , I will just find a woman I don't like, and buy her a House!"

What has this got to do with Crashing Fancy Cars?

All will come to light?

There was a very Wealthy Gentleman in Krugersdorp , Bought his Son a Lamborghini !

Was not Fast enough , so A Porsche Turbo was next! ( did not bother to hand back the Lamborghini)

Then , as cars don't Fly ( despite some articles I have seen on Steemit, Remember this!)

Dad bought him a Helicopter?, which he famously dropped in the Vaal dam!

Next Dad handed him the Business, Strangely , it no longer exists!

Many years ago My Mother in Law went for Driving Lessons , and by some Miracle ( I assume some cash changed hands) got her Licence!

She bought the exact same car that she had been taught in a 2 -Door Ford Escort!

I was married to Chris, and Henry, My Best friend was dating Elize, her Sister.

The Car would not be parked in Berg St. Hamburg, till Henry or I came around ( as she could not reverse)

Nevertheless we could not park it for her , without being instructed in the correct manner to reverse?, as she was the only person in the family who had gone for professional Driving Lessons!

I remember once being given a lift by My MIL ( Mother in Law) I was in the back ( 2 door remember?) My kids were in the Car with Me, Parked the Car sideways blocking both lanes of Golf Club Terrace on a Blind Bend from both Directions!

The Back Windows did not open so there was no escape, I never ever, got in a car again , where she had the controls!

This was a road that I regularly raced on with both Motorbikes and Modified Cars, I was terrified!

I told Chris I did not want My Children in her car again ( women never listen).

To watch her Drive was a wonder to behold?, when pulling away the poor car would do a sort of Bunny hop with the rear wheels chirping in protest , the car would kind of settle down ( in fear) waiting for the Magic Wand ( Gear shift) to spring into action again! Causing the Car even more Pain!

Not sure why she actually got a car as a Broom needs far less maintenance?

She did eventually lose the Car , claimed she was Hi-Jacked ! Left the car running , got out to open the Gates , and some enterprising young fellows rode off in her car!

I am quite sure that a consortium of concerned citizens ( neighbours) hired these Guys to reduce their chances of an early demise!

All Videos are Courtesy of YouTube, they are not my property!

Until I watched these, I did not realise that My Mother in Law had been giving Driving Lessons?

Back to flying Cars, If you've ever driven on South African Roads, where maybe 40% of the people on the Roads have legitimate driving licences , very few stop at Traffic Lights , ( regardless of colour, )Stop Streets are a suggestion .

I am going to find someone with war surplus anti-aircraft cannon, I am sure I will make a fortune from people not wishing to have cars crash into their houses!

My point with all this is?, getting legitimate Driving Licences would be for those who cannot afford to buy them ?, and cannot afford these sort of Cars?

I am of course, generalising here, I would love to own one of these!

Hope you enjoy my Rant, My friends!

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It is a great singer and a nice super cars.
upvote & resteem.

it is really great to read out that posts and really get inspired because there are so many people who have a luxurious life but I am not disappointed because i don't even have a motorbike but I am working and oneday the sane cars will be mine as well..

thanks for sharing such kind of post because I am getting inspired

wow! nice car. very interesting video @africaunited. thanks for shairing

yap thats really their and the prayers of their parents and willwisher otherwise they will have to be under the soil right now!

Haha how funny dude just can't imagine hehe



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Some really cool cars, breaks my heart eveytime i see such nice cars damaged


Doesn't it just!

Awesome its look amazing.A love between a man and his car can only be understood by those who have felt it....
stay blessed thanks for sharing the post:):):):)

this vedeos is great.
cars picture is nice.

Wow car most luxurious with an expensive price why dihancur, I like to have the car


i really very injo this video dear thanks for shareing @africaunited thank you againn

Screenshot-2018-2-11 Some Guys Have all the Luck - by awgbibb — Steemit(1).png

awesome video, and, lovely car

My staff member was in a head-on accident this morning, meaning I am short of staff for a week. Luckily she was not seriously hurt, but is in a lot of pain. I had another staff member (now deceased) who had different taxi drivers as the fathers of both her children. Both died young, the last one decapitated. Riding our roads are an adventure every day.


Just came from the Municipal traffic Offices in Roodepoort, as I turned into the main Road I nearly lost my Truck! The Pothole was that big!


The robots were dead in a section of town today. You really have to make eye contact and look mean to be able to go. Four way stop rules definitely don't apply here.

It is a great singer and a nice super cars.Thanks for sharing.

such a shame

It could have been worse - your daddy could have been rich and knowing you, you would have tried to drive a supercharged motorcycle off the Grand wait - I think that was already done. Then maybe a jump ramp over the White House Gate and parking it in Trump's office...yeah, you'd do that, lol


You tempting me Again? Lol


Naw, I want you to live - that would be suicide :)

If I had such a car, I would let him drive me instead. :D Nice share! Upvoted! :)

What A spoiled kid haha. I actually aslo crashed my car 2 weeks ago.. (btw im not spoiled). Take a look at my blog for more pics x


couldn't stop laughting with this vid

Awesome its look amazing.

Lol... This is interesting. Some people are truly born lucky while others need to struggle hard until they find themselves to the top. What really matters most is getting to that top.
And yeah, I enjoyed your rant
Nice post @africaunited

yes of course there are so many people who are born luckly because it is the matter of luck just because they are living the luxurious life

Man I'm a huge car guy but these idiots who do stuff like this make me so angry. Not so much of the fact that they crashed nice cars but with this speed you can do serious damage to other people. If you want to drive fast take it to a track or drive on an empty highway.

Not sure why she actually got a car as a Broom needs far less maintenance

LOL that is why I read all your posts.

Yeah we are not the same

genuinely good work

Instead of buying a car, let me buy a house, i can't crash that one and i can actually make her earn me some good passive godlike income that i soo much need
Buying a supercar is way down in the list of my priorities.

Not sure why she actually got a car as a Broom needs far less maintenance?

You can always give your MIL a broom my friend

i have enjoy your post because it's inspiring and education, i hope to get more from you @africaunited

up vote and re steam

very unfortunate luxury car should be destroyed.
but I hope someday I have that car

great work i thing in this world the most difficult thing is to put smile on a sad person face and do it very good keep it up

i like beautiful car so thanks for posting

stay bleed and always keep smiling and also smile sad people

Hello there .great post.I have followed and upvoted you.lets help each other grow together.cheers

Very interesting video,

hahahaaaaaa !!! interesting . It will be a good lesson for those Dad's son who is rich enough !!!

Wow Excellent cars my friend @africaunited

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It is a good singer and a nice super cars

Wow beautiful cars dear

The main secret of keeping the fun is to not let trifles disturb us, and at the same time appreciate those little pleasures that fall to our lot.

Fanny video.i like your post

very bad luck...

nice car

This article inspired me. man is a supersport fan . BTW beautiful car pictures. Thank you for this post.

If there is a good car on the way of life, the joy is a lot more. And the pictures of your car are very good for me

Nice videos

heartbreaking story .. ever people say a word, look for a wife when you see you are happy and feel comfortable .. therefore we must be wary in looking for lovers.

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it is really nice to read out you all informative posts.. :)