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I have read up on the Devel before but cannot find a reliable "Road" test?

With a claimed 5007 Hp Maximum , it should be the most ridiculously fast Road Car ever built!

This is supposed to be a shoot-off between the Devel and a Bugatti ?

The Bugatti "only" has 1500HP and Michelin had to develop a new tyre to handle this!

I started looking up Road tests of the Devel again ,and came up with this?, however it just looks like:-

More Talk!

If they can get it right it would probably fit into the " Book of useless information"

Who is ever going to let something like this loose on the roads?

I can remember years ago when the Moto GP bikes were 500cc two-strokes ,
and there were maybe 10 riders in the world who could push them to their limits!

Within less than 5 years there was a flurry of faster 1 litre Super
Bikes out there , quicker than the GP bikes and:-

Anyone could buy one ?

Now you can buy a Road Bike that can approach 400kph!

No wonder when I had that huge Bike Prang years ago , the Nurse's told me there were more Bike Riders in the Hospital than patients for any
other cause!

I trust you will enjoy this little excursion into something the average person can only:-

Dream About!


Dream cars that you afford only in your dreams!

Nice post... God bless you

Hi @awgbib
I wanna know you more.

It looks ugly fin front but the rear looks sexy. Hehe @lizbethk thinks you drive one.