Basement to wood shop conversion post 5 (Update)

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Greetings readers.

Well I am still alive and active here on steemit. I have been busy these last few weeks working on different projects and the wood shop conversion. I still have a lot to do to get things in order for a good working area.

I am at the moment cleaning up the horizontal surfaces that seem to mysteriously collect all types of tools and materials. I swear they seem to just jump up there on there own when I am not looking. I had to dismantal a eighty year old piano last week for my wife's pastor and dispose of it. I salvaged most of the wood parts and re-purposing them for other projects. That seems to me to be the best use of the wood than to let it burn up in a fire someplace.

The Wood Shop

I cleaned up the "L" section of the wood shop where I will be setting most of the metal working machines and used a portion of the piano to make a new bench for the drill press, scroll saw and bench top band saw.

I still have to make a sanding station for the three bench top belt sanders I have.
I still have to make the french cleat wall system for the smaller wood working hand tools, that has not been completed yet because I need some lag screws to hang it.
The left side of the miter saw bench still needs to have a top put on it.
I still need to make some blowers for the air filtering system.
I still need to get the three inch piping system laid out and mounted for the dust collection from the machines.
I still need to build the cabinets for fasteners, hardware, and finishes.
I still need to beef up the central bench for a woodworkers vise.
I still need to purchase plywood for the under bench shelves for larger tools that are not used very often.
I still need to make a logo for the shop and all the graphics for a website. (could use some help with that)
I still need to build the dust collector for the vac system.

I am sure that I am forgetting a few things that I have not listed here, but ...yeah still a lot of work to do.

Peace to all and have a great day!

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Looking forward to seeing some photos of the new wood shop.

I will post some on the next post. I was just so busy trying to get stuff done and forgot to snap some pics this time.