Carnivore Diet - Is High Protein bad for your Kidneys?

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Well for a start, a well formulated carnivorous diet is more like 70% Fat, 30% protein and 0% carbohydrate or other plant matter. 30% protein is not high, especially if we are actively building or repairing muscle and organ tissues.

The greatest common risk factors for kidney damage and failure are Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity both of which are cured by healing intestinal permeability - (leaky gut is healed by removing the offensive bio active compounds found in many plants, plant oils and supplements) and insulin resistance - (healed by eliminating carbohydrates).

Like a car we use more fuel than spare parts. Protein is not a good fuel, it is converted to glucose and burned, creating the same oxidative by products (AGE's) as when we burn carbs.

This is much worse when our mitochondria are already damaged, because we ferment the glucose producing lactic acid. ( our mitochondria are the organelles in our cells that produce electrical energy, transported as ATP)

We really need to get our heads around using animals fats for fuel again. It took me 3 months of solid research before my cholesterol fears abated, but that is another story. (best told by Ivor Cummins


Ruminants are my favourite source of meat. Apart from creating rich soils and locking up carbon, they have 4 stomaches and the enzymes to convert cellulose fiber from grass and weeds into the most precious fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and anti-oxidents that actually are highly bio-avaible to our cells.


Currently, I supplement with grass fed ghee because the meat I buy in Thailand is not fatty enough. Also grass fed ruminant meat is expensive and usually has the fat trimmed from it.

So I buy the cheaper grain fed product and add grass fed ghee to either broths or just in a blender with hot water and a bit of non sweetened cocoa powder and collagen. I do not know if the cocoa powder affects intestinal permeability, (would be very interesting to measure), but so far this is a quick and easy way to increase my fat from grass-fed sources without making a bone broth.

"If we have been eating real food for 24 hours, agriculture gave us large scale access to carbohydrates four minutes ago and sugar consumption has increased twenty fold in the past five seconds. I wonder which food is more likely to be responsible for the obesity epidemic or any modern disease…"
Zoe Harcombe
In her book 'The Obesity Epidemic'

Here is some of my research for this article It is very informative and advises how your doctor can measure kidney health.

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The carnivore way of eating has proved to be of enourmous benefit to people who have tried every thing else to heal disease and relieve chronic pain. Now it is being adopted by performance athletes, bio hackers and anybody looking to enjoy greater physical and mental health.

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