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Soon it will be three months since the total quarantine was ruled in our country, and despite the fact that it was lifted yesterday and that we are now "free", each way to the supermarket or pharmacy seems like a very risky bet, not to mention taking our son to the park, that would be quite an utopia. Because in the small Caribbean town where we live, not a single case of COVID-19 had been reported until a week ago, which filled us with pride and tranquility, but now it has become an air full of uncertainty and fear. So, for us at least, the quarantine is still in effect.
But the quarantine has not been as bad as we thought, beyond the labor mishaps that this has undoubtedly brought for the majority, including us, it has also been a time to stop. Because sometimes we live too fast, living each moment without observing it because we are too busy, too distracted thinking about the next moment or even making plans for the one that follows that one. Thinking about our future trip, how our vacations will be, how we will be when we achieve this or that, everything, except observing the present. And the present is the only thing we have, it is a gift, perhaps that is why it is called “present”, and there, in the present, is where everything that really matters in our lives belong, our family, our children, the moments we share with them, the words that we say or or even those we forget to say.
The truth is that this whole pandemic situation is undoubtedly a tragedy, for many reasons, but it is also true that it has been an opportunity to return, to take a second and return to ourselves, to be ours and from our loved ones, instead of being slaves of our plans and our desires.
Maybe tomorrow everything will go back to “normal”, maybe tomorrow we can go on vacation, maybe tomorrow we can imagine what the day after tomorrow will be like. But all of that will be tomorrow, for now, let's live one day at a time.


Nice words guys, I totally agree with you. It also makes you feel something is wrong because of the distance we have to apply from friends, people we like and even family members that don't live with you. But if we look back, we found out this is not the first time humanity had a situation like this one.

Unfortunately, we know people and know of people that have no clue what is to take care of themselves so they can help in a common effort as a community, regardless of the time social distance and quarantine last. Also, many don't know what has happened in previous pandemics, and even if the past doesn't repeat it does rhymes.

Keep taking care of yourself and family, you guys are doing great! Let's try keep living the moment as you say =)