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When you think of Caribbean, first is great weather.
Nice beach and long mile of sandy beaches.
The musics, the genres from the artists always amazed me.
Touching base with this tiny island Antigua.
It is pronounced as An-tee' ga.
Even though it is written Antigua.
A lot of billionaires made it their get away home.

I was looking through an emerging artist from the island.
her name is Asher Otto.
Digging deeper she is working with a top producer with the name
of Bonzai Caruso. This guy is on the #reggae sphere a while back
working with Diana King, Marley brothers and Chronixx.
I can't wait to see what they have in their sleeve.

Asher mixed her vibe with jazz, pop, #reggae. This is what we call
a melting pot. Her voice is undoubtedly beautiful with range to facilitate
her audience. I did find quite a few songs but this song stayed beautiful
cause we all love home.
It is a good vibe for the weekend.
It is Friday by the way.

Enjoy this irie #jahm

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Ain't that a beautiful Home ;)

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