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In reference at your post:,

In Lleida, the snail is often eaten, and very appreciated food. We say Cargols.
The most appreciated breed is "Bové" (larger with a slightly harder texture; cooked alone, with roasted meat or cooked in sauce) and "Caragolina" (small and generally cooked with its sauce). The snail is used too as an ingredient.

Suggestions:- you will need to look for the recipe.
”Cargols a la Llauna”
“Cargols la gormanta tradicional”
Cargols a la caçola amb carn - Gormanta amb carn
snail Crayfish and prawn
cooked with Jamon Serrano

As an ingredient
Cassola de troç
Arròs amb cargols

As you can see @massola , in Lleida there are a great variety of recipes cooked with snails.
There are many more.....
in my area there are snail breeding farms


i love to eat Cargols, a la llauna my favorites one's :))

For me too, @beiker. But i like them anyway. Always with wine!!!!

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I had escargot recently at a restaurant in Paris. I thought it was OK, but I'm not a big fan.

But I tried it!

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