Let's all be careful and alert.!!!

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  1. What can you do if you come across a stranger and a suspicious man while going to the elevator alone in the night?
    Experts say, say that you will go to the 13th stairs, lift up and press all the buttons up to 13. Nobody will dare to attack you in every elevator that is stopped.
  2. If you are alone at home, in this situation if someone attacks you then go straight to the kitchen.
    Experts say that only you know where chilli, turmeric powder is in your kitchen. Where are the knives or plates. These can be dangerous tools. Throw a plate at least if he does not have anything, in his direction. Let the plate break or very sound
    Yes Remember the noise is a big enemy of a molester. Because they do not want anyone to hear a voice and catch him.
  3. Time to take taxi or auto at night
    Experts say that during the auto or taxi drive at night, call the driver and call his name, car number and all details. Even if you do not call, pretend that you are talking. After that the drivers would not have the courage
    Do something for you Because he knows that if you have anything, his danger is more than that. She will take you home with her own responsibility now.
  4. If the driver takes you to a road that you do not want to go, and you think you are going to get into trouble then what to do?
    Experts say: Pull your bag handle or spin on your neck and pull it from the back. In a few seconds, he will be helplessly filmed. If you do not have a bag or a screw, pull on his shirt's collar. The shirt's first two buttons will do the same thing. Sit down on his neck.
  5. What do you do if you follow someone at night?
    Experts say: Read a shop or house shed and tell them about your situation. If no more shops are open for more than night then go to ATM booth. There were almost guards all night. Even if not, at least CCTV will be there. In such a place someone will be able to attack you
  6. Do not drink water, juice or soft drinks from anyone. Before buying from the store, check whether it is sealed well. Do not buy if not sealed.
  7. Always keep someone's name, such as brother / dad / husband / friend number, at speed dial. As you fill the danger, you can report them with a button pressed. Keep the piper spray with it. You can make the enemy wound up.
    All the time, your greatest tool is your mental strength and caution.

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