Are you in the right working environment?

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Ever remembered when you first tried climbing a tree or swimming in a pool? How you felt? The anxiety, anxiousness and ofcourse the time it took to accomplish that initial task but once that was settled the next turn(s) came out easy. Now that's the same thing that happens when choosing a career. Many at times especially for young school leavers or people anxious about getting employed so as to solve one pressing need or the other, they end up going for "anything that can put food on the table" or "atleast something that pay the bills" and luckily for some, their request is finally granted. For most part of it they don't come with all the expectations they wish for because like they requested it's surely paying some bills.

After the initial stage the anxiety level starts dropping. Doing one job day in day out 365 days a year. Staying in one location your job has subjected you to. No reasonable pay rise because either the company is not legally established, you were employed from empathy or your job description doesn't match any enlisted roles in the company.


Source : Google

In today's world, people most especially africans should take time and evaluate the numerous roles open to them. Evaluate themselves as per being fit for the role and also see things going forward(what the job will add to the person in the near future). In our world today where AI has come to stay, it is estimated that atleast 25% of the working population will lose their roles to robotics and this cuts across every industry. Take a look at your health, will it accommodate the work you seek?, Ofcouse I can't imagine an asthmatic patient working in a dusty/windy environment under normal circumstances. Consider your family too. Will this job give you the time to carefully groom your wards and have quality time both with your nuclear and extended family?, Does your take home pay equals your expenses or you're running on debts?

Lots and lots of things to be considered in today's world, it's a pity that most people just look at the roles available and rush to pick them without analysing nothing. It's pertinent to take every detail into consideration from your finances, health status, family and ofcourse the future apart from just being able to handle the role(s) presented to you. But before you do this, make sure you solve the first problem(lack of income) so when making accessments it leads you to the right path.

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