Whats the best career advice you've ever received?

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It was actually an outing on career pioneered by the "Acada mentors" a non governmental educational body in the city. I was told to take some students for the talk show, I was actually a teacher in the school. I wasn't cool with it because the information came late and I've fixed myself already for the weekend. The students started pleading, had no choice than to respect their emotions.

We got there and the talk show started. It was basically on career choice for secondary school students. So at first I wasn't finding it important for myself because I'm an undergraduate already.

When the guest speaker started talking he said something about career. He said "every career have two parts, the practicing aspect and the business aspect. Its either you're practicing that career or your doing the business part of that career". It was then and then I realized that I must not practice my profession, I can also indulge in the business part of it.

I enjoyed the talk show I never wanted to attend and I learnt from it (smiles).

Adding to what I learnt from that talk show, I think there are more than just two aspects of every career. There are three aspects from what I've been thinking and researched so far.

The practicing, business and teaching aspect. But it doesn't apply to all career (e.g teacher).

Its either you're practicing, indulging in the business aspect or teaching in tertiary institutions.


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