Biggest Issue I see with Cryptocurrency Projects (Blockchain Switching; Lost Coins)

in #cardanolast year

There are over 2,000 crypto projects and at least 1,000 of them are decent; worth looking at; worth holding some of - most of us cannot possibly keep up with that many bags; so even if we whittled it down, there would still be a few bags we just cannot stay watchful over at times.

Meanwhile; the people behind each crypto project really do expect all of their investors who ONLY pay attention to them only; and it's so unrealistic, so childish and so immature.

Made a comment in a thread, about $coval - a project I saw lots of potential in; threw some money into their project; and didn't really keep track of it for a few months; only to come back and find they moved blockchains, and the bag i was holding, was no longer any good.

Someone from their team responded, told me I had a year to move; what other project does that?? ---> My answer -- Cardano; Gave people unlimited time to move off their old chain, Byron, over to Shelley; because Cardano respects their early investors.

These blockchain projects that move chains, and don't give early investors unlimited time to reclaim their coins, are operating unwisely; Those early investors are often the reason your project is still around; they gave you the seed money to grow, test, operate, move to a new chain; Coins should be set aside at all times for them; Otherwise you risk turning someone who BELIEVED in you early, into an Enemy ....

You turn Cheerleaders, into foes.

All because you wanna act like a toddler and throw a tantrum over not getting the attention you want - > when we, the investors, have tons of 'kids' to look after; not just you; You're supposed to be growing and building on your own; whether I "look" at you or not; I'm supposed to reap the rewards of my early investment, that helped you GROW and BUILD -- when I get ready.

another 'kink' to work out...


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