What is Cardano ADA? Programmer explains.

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Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency has gained a lot of steem recently and a natural question is of course what it is and what's special about Cardano. That is exactly what we are talking about today. What do you think about Cardano ADA guys? Leave your comments below!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Some people said that the ADA team earn a lot and go to other city to make love with local people.

Cardano mainly copied dPoS from EOS, Steem and Bitshares. Check @dan's post on the subject. The few minor changes they made actually make the coin worse. That's all according to @dan, not my opinion.

And I believe @dan because he is a very big figure in cryptocurrencies, who created Steem, and EOS.


I agree with you. There is nothing unique with Cardano. The timeline for Cardano is long. EOS and Bitshares will beat them out.


Good technical analysis on crypto:


The worst part about Cardano incorporating others features is they do not even have a beta product to test out. I personally view it as one of those coins that have too much ambition.


Well they have centralized mainet and a working wallet. A lot of other projects only have ERC20 tokens like EOS, VeChain,... and of course no wallet. But they have an easy solution, use ERC20 wallet... The problem here will be when transitioning to their own mainnet there will be lots of exchange, wallet issues. But then again Cardano has some of this issues now. I would say that in this sense Cardano has a big head start here.

Full disclosure I own all this coins.


Thanks for the reply. I know on Binance they have the withdrawal suspended at times, which makes me wonder about when they do finally switch to their mainet.


They have mainnet running just withoug PoS for now.


Yeah heard about that too. What do you think about this @ivanli?
Dan and Charles are attaching each-other right now on the web....


yeah, I'm aware, but we don't know exactly what happened between them so I'm neutral in that regard :)

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@ivanli, thats what I like about you channel! Your always impartial and focused in explaining in more detail as possible (no John and Mary explanations) without making it boring to watch!


Well (in short) Dan accuses Charles that he stole the PoS concept from him. Welcome to "Crypto drama" series!


How can you accuse someone to steel a concept from you in an open source revolution?


Talking about big figures Charles was cofunder of Ethereum. What is your point?

Really don't know why everyone is picking on Charles who is an honest, transparent, hard working guy. If you ask me they are just scared. But time will tell.

Thanks for the review, learned a lot from it.
Didn't heared for long the functional vs imperative languages haha
I would be glad if you can go even dipper, because it was really on the surface lecture.
But it sounds like Cardano have its place in the battle for giants, yet @dan arguments are tough, and I would go with EOS long term...

I would suggest for the viewers also reading this ->

It seems like there are too many cryptocurrencies to even keep track of them all, how is this not diluting the market? Love it @ivanli

Also a note on functional programming. It is true that it is easier to mathematically verify the code, but the main advantage is simpler, composable and testable code. This is because you are not creating side effects within the code. Inputs define the output and not like with imperative code where a lot of time functions rely on outside state and also change it. So it is build on simple principals like immutable data(just like blockchain) and simple composable functions.

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Every day we see a new platform claiming theoretically it is the best or etherium killer . Cardano, EOS,, Aesf, raiblock, many and many to mention or even to remember. I wouldsay first there is a difference between theoretical claim and achieving this in reality. No one knows which platform will win more or which will die by time or newer technology. But eventually , and for sure, unleashing the minds freedom of the impossibilities to become true has and will become the biggest winner.

Thanks for the explanation on Turing Complete. Great summary on the functional and imperative languages. Thanks.

Really nice!


could you compare the difference of cardano v.s. eos?

I don't know much about the nuts and bolts of Cardano but my husband invested in it in late December, and he did very well. He keeps an eye on it and when he sees there's likely going to be an uptick he invests again.

Thanks for another great vid! I've learned so much listening to you, I'm so glad I can support you with my upvote!

Well as far as i know Cardano is the first protocol to incorporate Ouroboros, the ground breaking proof of stake algorithm. The IOHK team employed a “first-principles” approach, driven by peer-reviewed academic research to build Cardano from the ground up.
This uniquely collaborative effort steadily constructed the most precisely engineered cryptocurrency yet, a product that brings together such disciplines as distributed systems, mechanism design and cryptography. The result is the first cryptocurrency to be based in Haskell code, an industrial strength product that delivers the resilience necessary for mission-critical systems, in this case, securing investment.

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I invested in cardano, it's going to be a great platform, it's a solid investment so with EOS. I'm invested in both coins , cheers :)

ADA is the coin of Cardano, and while ADA might seem like it’s appearing out of thin air to those who are just getting started with Bitcoin or Litecoin, Cardano has actually been around since 2015. It’s a decentralized, fully open-source blockchain project that extends beyond ADA. It’s was established by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum, when he partnered with the Cardano Foundation.

A very clear introduction to Cardano, thanks! Looks like Cardano is the only serious potential competitor to EOS, leaving Ethereum aside?


Enjoy the vote and reward!

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hello, @ivanli
Upvote & Re-steem


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The platform also uses Haskell, a programming language with high fault tolerance. It is important to give flexibility to projects because of the relatively unknown future and complexity of block-based systems. It is almost impossible to know what a system might be in months or even years, so it is important to have a sound language like Haskell.

Unlike some other crypto money projects, Cardano's goal is not to overturn the entire financial system. Their aim is to use block-chain technology, especially in developing countries where banking systems are expensive. @ivanli @thejohalfiles

Thanks did a great explanation in Cardano from a technical perspective. Being a programmer myself, it's great to see someone explain something so complex in a simple, direct matter.

I think that Cardano has a great future ahead. The fact that it runs and allows dapps to be built using functional programming languages!

Thanks for the great video, keep them up and I'll be following them as you continue to grow on Steemit and YouTube!

Ivan, what do you think about NEO? To my understanding, it actually has a functioning platform where Cardano and EOS do not.
It incentivizes developers to use and create on their platform with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Gas AND is Java, Python compatible. It also incentivizes users of the network by rewarding NEO holders with Gas, and giving them the authority of voting. Those are just some reasons it has caught my eye, but I'm very interested in your analysis.
What are your thoughts on the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance method?

great analysis..crypto market is booming once again

The title should state clearly it is a video with no text content provided. Some people have neither time nor bandwidth to watch videos.

@ivanli thanks you soo much for shearing
and i love BTC
@ivanli THNAKS


ADA Cardano for me is a long term hold, Will not sell until 2020.. Love Charles and the team and their vision

i hold #GNO,its big profit..when 1 month early its rate is 60$...then today is 400$ above

Eos or Cardano?

What is a programmer? Programmer explains.

It seems like there are too many cryptocurrencies to even keep track of them all, how is this not diluting the market?

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This was an excellent post firstly because it was very informative which can so often be lacking in the crypto world.It was also well presented at a medium speed so could follow at ease.Thank you

At this point in time, the coin is simply vaporware. The mainnet is more of a litenet than anything, as none of the planned features are currently in place. In comparison to its competitors such as ETH, IOTA, NEO, and WAVES, ADA is seriously lacking in terms of framework @ivanli @thejohalfiles


The coin, ADA, exists and uses their main net and native wallet. Their framework is very well defined in their roadmap, which they have steadily walked with over a year of code commits. Why the FUD?

thanks for sharing some usefull information

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I would have bought some if cardano made a wallet for linux! This project is still very much a proof of concept IMO with lots more work needed!


They did, but you need to compile it: https://cardanodocs.com/installation/


Thanks @brixx but to be honest that's not good enough I like hacking about on Linux as much as the next guy but this is probably the most convoluted process I've see for installing a wallet.

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when can we expect your interview with @dan? :)

("But then it got better:" part)

Great post. Thank you sharing information. Keep it up. I follow you and votes.

Thanks for sharing. Cardano has a great team behind it, it's so new to the crypto world and it's already one of the top coins. In my opinion it has a great future.

Cardano ADA has huge potencial !!!!

Well explained. Thanks bro.

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good post, it is amazing how the cryptocurrency is growing every day more and more, greeting !.

nice post @ivanli
I love bitcoin currency because is the future of others currency.

Thanks for the info!

Cardano TO THE MOON!!! HODL ;)

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thank you for taking the time, clear explanation

Thanks for your really good explanation!

With the new Cardano roadmap update some nice features were added to the project: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@s1crypt/cardano-roadmap-update

Amazing post and thanks for sharing

Informative post...thank you


I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Cardano cryptocurrency showing continues growth since last two weeks, which result cardano makes huge jump on highest market by beating new Litecoin, Nem and IOTA now giving tough competition to Bitcoin cash and currently holding 5th position, as this cryptocurrency was launched by Ethereum CEO and this is reason why this cryptocurrency able to build good market cap value and able to attract investor but comparing with Stellar right now is difference because when cardano was below top 5 position was showing same peak rate like Stellar current peak rate but as we once cryptocurrency enter into top 5 position then there will be small dropped in growth rate so in current situation stellar is winner in terms growth in prices and as well as in future Stellar will grow with huge peak rate but cardano already shown enough hike in prices and as per cryptocurrency history it will started dropping after reaching in certain point.

While all other currencies are like rockets aiming to land at Moon, Cardano is a space ship which can travel at lightning speed to new worlds.

What I like about Cardano is that the methodologies will be peer reviewed. Ouroboros was accepted at Santa Barbara Crypto Conference. We live in Trump's era, where everything needs to be fact checked.

The code will be done in Haskell which is functional programming language and hence easier to related to the math proofs. The code will be audited by third party.

It covers mainly three aspects - Scalability, Interoperability(much need due to backlash by govt. regulators) and Sustainability.

Gosh, I wish have seen it before the boom! haha

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Great content as always Ivan!

Personally I think Cardano is very interesting. They have a great team with some interesting and knowledgeable people. Whether in this stage it should already be top 5 on CMC, that I am not so sure about ;-)

Keep up the good work!

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This is the first time I hear of cardan. It seems interesting https://www.cardanohub.org/en/what-is-cardano/

Hi Ivan, When does your course start exactly? Is there a fix schedule or is it at one's own disposal? Thanks! Greetings from Berlin.

This video helped me understand this coin, hoping to invest soon because I can see big potential with the technology behind it.

@ivanli such great post I wish your support me Steemit thank you