LIVE: AMA With Charles Hoskinson of Cardano!

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You just keep getting better and better, with your interviews. Ive been watching for at least 6 months! Charlie's a great guest too! ;)

That is the best crypto interview I've ever seen. The man you were talking to obviously helps but I loved how you brought up the topics and just stayed out of the way, letting him do his thing. The man is obviously a genius but your handling of him was genius as well. Great job!!!! I look forward to more of your chats in the future. Steem On!!!

great interview

Great interview. Very helpful understanding the technology. I would love if you had more interviews in this format.

great video keep on posting new videos and bring more awareness towards cryptocurrency

Great video! keep it up

Great video as always Omar, Cardano is a very promising platform and I look forward to seeing its progress in the new year! Keep up the good work, and make sure to treat Elle to a nice New Years dinner as she deserves it!

This image needs to say Cardano (ADA) is truly the future and will be the one ring to bind them all!!!

I see your every post..I like this post cause your every post just helpful..Please carry on my friend ..I will wait for your new blog...Resteemit..

keep it up....with newly cryptocurrency
happ new year

Please like up-vote or share this comment so @Crypt0 may see it... Hey @Crypt0 make a snippet of "1:14:30 - 1:18:57" and post it to your YouTube channel and please. I would like for you to title it something like "Charles Hoskinson Calls For Standards In Crypto & Blockchain Technology" or something along this title. I think it is important people hear this specific part of the interview if nothing else for the reasons Charles details in this clip. Without standards in the space as Charles describes incomplete production ready technology will be achilles heel of this tech space.

Great video btw, so much good information. I went and followed Charles everywhere I could, he's such a knowledge person.

especially if this space is going to earn more credibility in the mainstream

Mindblowing! Hard to argue with Charles Hoskinson! Cardano's my next investment for sure. Gonna follow your show after this.

Nice post~ RT'd 😬

Wonderful video .I also like your cryptocurrency.Thanks for your nice post and happy new year.

ADA on fire! Hit me up if you need crypto tax advice.

I love it... looks like I need to up my shares of ADA after listening in to this. But at least I have a bit of this wonderful crypto... wonderful post here @crypt0

an insightful one there. thumbs up

luckily I bought some coins when I was at .20

There's nice conversation of bitcoin. I will create it on muziec general conversation. the title must be trolbox is life. hehehe.... great idea.

awesome video.i like your cryptocurency tecnology.thanks for your post

That's a great content love it @crypt0

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Charles is a stand up guy with an awesome team behind him...these guys can't fail.

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that's great disccussion with Charles Hoskinson
news of crypto currency...

Nice video I saw your posted video every time, like of interview.
Happy new year............2018.

Nice and great vidio i follow and upvote you

Great video, Great info guys

I saw today the price of Cardano Dec 30th started to go up a bit. How long before its hits 1.00?

I just caught this on youtube :-) great job getting Charles to talk to you!

A helpful post
thank you for sharing
with us,
keep it up.

Great show with Charles, possibly the best crypto content EVER! Thanks for bringing it!

Great interview Crypt0, I'm very excited about the Cardano project. It looks like this project has a solid team behind it. I'm strapped in and ready for takeoff!

Great interview!!! Really like...
Some interesting deductions about Cardano in the link below.

Just wonderful interview.Thanks for share.

Yup. 18 days ago. Thats does not really mean "soon".