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The race started and who is leading the three positions of the criptomoedas, the bitcoin went ahead and still leads the tip of the race of the most valuable currency, is a rise and fall but no currency dared to pass the bitcoin. But he had a threat, when the Ethereum arose, he came making a huge noise, if showing the imposing, thousands of people, pouring millions of dollars on this coin. But over time the story is different, doubts arise in several points of the coin. And its rate of recovery has been reduced. I'm not taking credit for Ethereum, and it has a lot of potential. But it's too early to celebrate.

Let's go to third place and more speculated at the moment, let's talk about the cardan. Developed by scientist, and attempts to correct the mistakes of the first two above, the cardan turns out to be the strong currency of the time, with its developer team, most with Phd training, a group of scientist only to develop a currency. Many progress has been made, and many in development, to bring the best service to the public.

Many people bought Bitcoin and Ethereum early on and earned millions with their appreciation. Not long ago even the Ethereum was worth a few cents and today has already reached close to $ 1600. But I confess she the cardan is not alone in this race of criptomoedas that offers futuristic and revolutionary service, the list is great and it is up to you to investigate personally, and believe that it will work.

If the services work then the currency appreciation is right, and your profit will be gigantic if you invest in the currency.

And the services are the most varied, both for insurance, value, antipiracy, refrigerators, games, cars, deeds of a property, and porai vai.

And where you can get the cardan, the main are the exchange, or even a faucet if you have no interest in taking the risk, but you want to have something in your wallet, but this little one day can be a lot.

If you prefer mining in clouds I recommend eobot, easy to use, and the minimum value is $ 0.40 equivalent to 1 Ghz speed, value updated with the date of this post.

[Eobot link](

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