Carbon chain: managing climate-change with blockchain solutions

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The innovations hinged to the blockchain has inevitably turned peoples attention to realities that surrounds and is now engulfing them, that the technology is here to stay and over time as the technology metamophores it has been observed and adopted although unofficially by various projects that ICOs provides the only viable and reliable way to raise funds to see the project through and that is what has been happening lately with the ICO market almost run over with new projects and that has posed another unique challenge identifying projects thatserves real purpose and have a chance of survival and thriving so that investors can investors and have a peace of mind.

As a bounty hunter per excellence you'd trust that in our line of work we have had the privilege to examine and even sometimes write about virtual projects with noreal-lifee implications and to time that is the greatest undoing of the blockchain, the inability of us to bring it to real life where people can relate with it, feel, touch and even smell it. Here is one I am really optimistic about, carbon chain is a project that not only has areal life implication but solvesa real-life problem.

All over the world for the past couple of years they have been undeniable evidence of environmental degradation and adverse weather conditions and this is the phenomenon we call Global warming and all, it is as a result of the depletion of the ozone layer which is caused by excess oremissionn of carbon frombuyingg either fuel, bushes, forest, name it. So since we are all feeling the effect what's the solution?

Carbon chain
The project is about creating ablockchainn ledger in which it is going toown carbon-reducingg projects like a wind farm, solar park and the like where energy will be generated through clean sources, that is sources in which there is little or noemissionn of gas and this will be to help countries that subscribe to it to show the rest of the world that they are keeping their end of the bargain in the Paris agreement. Carbon chainmonetizess what the carbon credit will be in the future and since there is going to be an exponential increase in the value of carbon chain, then you are makingand exponential return on investment. By using their custom cryptocurrency called ‘CarbonChain’ to admit into the ecosystem new projects that fit the scope of the carbon chain and United Nations which enable liquidity in the business cycle Registered projects can generate carbon credits for up to 28 years. Because of the Paris Agreement commencing in 2020, All sales of carbon credits from the Company are traded in carbon chain Tokens.

Basic characteristics of the carbon chain

  • less carbon emission development
  • ensure that full accountability
  • Preserves the life of the carbon credit
  • monitored
  • ensuring no doubtable accounting takes place whilst
  • providing an evidence-based blockchain ledger.

The benefits attached to subscribing to those project goes beyond personal gains and all, towards a greater world with the program aiming to discuss and enlighten the world on the greenhouse gas and its implication, it is worthy of note that this project aims to be a success and with the partners and team in place as it is, am optimistic.

The team
Token details
To carbon chain Chain-Token
Token Symbol: CCT
Token price: 1 CCT = 10¢ Eth
Total supply: 550,000,000 CCT
Technology: Ethereum
Token Utility: Purchasing Carbon Credits

The roadmap


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