Carbon 60 (C60): Currently the Best Known Life Extender on the Planet

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What put C60 on the map was this 2012 rat study in France led by Fathi Moussa. The scientists split the rats into 2 groups (the control group and the test group) and gave the latter C60 absorbed in olive oil. C60 is not water-soluble but it is fat-soluble, so they surmised that olive oil would be a good delivery system.

The actual intent of the study was to find out the lethal dose of C60, but the results shocked the researchers. They discovered that the lifespan of the test group rodents was extended by 90%!

This is basically double. It may even have been longer too, but the scientists had to kill the rats to end the study. They also discovered that the test group did not develop tumors while the control group did.
Carbon 60 C60 prolongs life increases lifespan.jpg

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