Koenigsegg Agera RS can achieve speeds of 488 km / h

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Swedish company Koenigsegg believes it achieved record of 444 km / h can be very easily broken, but definitely not considered a difficulty, but at this stage is not a priority. Christian von Kyonegzag and product manager of Michelin Eric Shmeding have spoken to the media that Agera RS can definitely move a lot faster and it's been done with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, which are the choice for Bugatti Chiron. The team of Michelin has recognized that this is not the right pair of tires hiperkolata but virtually unable to do so over the speed 488 km / h. Besides tires, the vehicle will have to growl at much higher speed and also will need a longer gearbox. Another factor is the temperature at such attempts. The engineers are adamant that temperatures after 400 km / h began to rise dramatically and it instantly begins to affect engine performance. Therefore, after 450 km / h increases the risk of eventual failure of attempts. The company itself acknowledges, however, that in the near future to try to achieve this because their company motto is always tied to breaking records, therefore it can not be impossible. The only more exciting question is when the creation of VW Group will confront Agera RS, to be able again to check what really is the fastest hiperkola in the world.

Source: www.men.hotnews.bg
Picture source: www.pexels.com/