Two Women Engaged In A Car Fight And The End Was Bloody.

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What a fight!

In the video, these two women had a physical fight for about 30 seconds. It quickly graduated into a car fight as one of the ladies got into her Toyota Rav4 and turned it into a weapon of destruction. The other lady got into BMW X3 and.. BOOM!!!.. the car fight started.

Rav4 Vs BMW..

The Rav4 seemed to have dealt with the BMW X3 big time but what happened at 3:30 minutes in the video will leave you astonished.



@tybello,video portrays madness of the highest order. can we have something creative next time..All the upvoted,hook me up @detycoon

you are right. Nobody can stand a violent scene.and there is absolutely nothing to gain from it.

I believe @tybello was only passing an information which can be peaceful , violent, make you laugh or even make cry. "Nobody" is just somebody's opinion and not everybody.

Is steemit all about creative posts?

waoh.... It will be nice to watch such seen """though in dream"""....@mackleak

Hmmmmmmm!!! I comment my reserve so to speak! Lol... i reserve mg comment!

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This is madness in the highest order

Where did it happen?

Not too good for them

This is insane from those peps

Why are they fighting? I'm sure, it's because of man

Good,Educating And Entertaining Article!
You Are Welcome To Steemit,A Community Of Friends! Well Done .

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