Repair of my neon 2.0 engine of the year 97 ring VOLAO

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Greetings to all the Steemians who read this publication, today I come to show you how it was the repair of the Neon 2.0 engine of the year 97, this is a vehicle, which I bought my brother, in a state of neglect and I have been repairing, little to little, it has cost me a lot of work to buy tires, batteries, brass and, with some savings, I'm going to repair the engine, since I was losing strength by voting the compression. then paint and details.

First of all, I want to emphasize that everything I did was always looking for the economy, since I live in a country where we can not talk about economics anymore, because of the super inflation we are experiencing.

Perform with a trusted mechanic, which in this case was my cousin, a repair that in my country Venezuela is colloquially it is called a VOLAO ring, which consists mostly of changing the piston rings without repairing the piston rings. cylinders, if in this case the cylinders are not so worn, because if not the repair would be much more expensive, it also consists of changing rubber valves, gaskets, oil change and filter, the rest would be pure check of how they are the parts such as: The crankshaft, the chamber or cylinder head, the pistons, the main and concha shells, oil pump, water pump, time belt and many other parts. If all these parts already mentioned are in a good state, you can already proceed to make a VOLAO ring

Well without more to say let's start

We proceed to remove, the battery, electro fans, air filter, spark plug wire and the current coil

We remove the valve cover, water intake, alternator belts and air conditioning

We can already remove a very important part such as the camera or engine head and check its status as are the rubber and valve guides

We remove the pistons, to proceed to check, the cylinders if they have many wear or not, if you do not have good news, we try the measurement of the rings, to see if they are very open or very closed

We proceed to lower the pistons and clean the cylinders and remove the pieces of old coal, which have been left to make a clean and uniform surface

Finally we clean the camera or cylinder head, we brush it well, we change the old tires for the new ones, we clean the valves and we settle them

The pistons are cleaned well by their grooves, that no carbon particles remain, and the new rings are placed.

Now if we proceed to the assembly, with great care and having at hand a torquimetro for the right tightening of the nuts

I hope that this post has enchanted them like me, making the repair just took me 2 days, one day to disarm and the other to love it, I remind you that here to make a full engine for this vehicle, it costs around (550,000. 000bf) more than 200 minimum wages, here in Venezuela to give you an idea, with the repair that I'm doing, it comes out much cheaper as in (100,000,000bf), but it lasts a little less the life of the engine, although that depends more on the use you give him. For the people who live here in Venezuela, if you do not have to make a complete motor as in my case, check with your mechanic to see if you can apply this same repair, that I apply and so far my vehicle is doing very well.

All the photos placed on the post are taken with my Samsung S4mini

I want to send a greeting to these super people who are always reading Venezuelan post to help us, as they are @Abigail-dantes, @moisesmcardona, @crisangel and @schmangerbert

This publication was translated by me, if there are any errors, I apologize, it is my first translation into English.
I'm @rataelamor until next post

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