Driving BMW

in #car3 years ago

My favorite part about driving this car, is when I floor the gas pedal, it goes super fast.













BMW is a good car. I also want to do a test drive on it!

It's a cool car.BMW is a classy car,i am sure you are having nice time driving this car.Thank's for sharing.

Haha... Who doesn't
You living the life, my friend

Your BMW Car is beautiful as also your photography. Please don't mind, i don't understand the term "floor the gas pedal", would you explain it to me?

BMW, my first true love. I've had a 2006 - 325i Candy Apple Red and 2010 - 128i Space Gray. The handling in BMW's are incomparable. They stick to the road and even the rear wheel drive 1 Series is extremely good in the snow for its size and weight.

Woahh speed luxury and thrill all in one. BMW LOVE

Man you're making me jealous, beautiful car with beautiful surroundings.

Have always had it in mind that if i dont get Mercedes Benz i would definitely get a BMW. This are the companies that make the real deal, the rest are just trying

I don't agree with you, what about Lamborghini?

BMW is an excellent car and beauty to behold. Love the sleek leather interior. I read that in 4-5yrs time BMW will lauch a super fast car of over 400mile. will be fast and furiously crazy.
Thanks for sharing

Steem app inside BMW . That i like the most . Nice car in greens. Thanks for the post.

that's my one dream car. my uncle has bought himself a brand new bmw X series. i have been in that car trust me nothing could more satisfy me more. its just the logo which makes it more better. And congratulations on this amazing car. its good its comfortable its fast and most off its classy.

BMW is a dream for many in my country I sat only once and the memory is still afreash

Luxury car, BMW is very comfortable to ride, I like BMW ..
Thanks for sharing @pinacle

The interior is nicer than the exterior of the car, I think. 😅

That is simply magnificent.
It's nothing less than a masterpiece.

Wow ,,, the car has a lot of beautiful colors on the beautiful white clothes, which makes the plants beautiful, have all the developed devices in the wires of the car, it looks very nice,

Beautiful car you got there. Its suits you.
Drive safely my friend.

very nice.
.. im very like BMW car... cool n i wanna be buy the car.. thanks to sharing...

a gorgeous car.

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Who doesn't love a BMW ?
The exterior as well as the interior look super fast too.
Great pictures though

Super Awesome Content Bro!

What a beauty. Maybe one day

its a amazing car..i just love to drive... you are great..
#@upvote & @resteem done

You are draving my dream.baby

it appears the car was in the area of fruit palm fruit

Its a nice car man. If I ever were to make lots of money thats the kind of car I would drive. I'm not condemning Lambos or cars of that model but I don't want to have the experience of driving a Lambo where every time I drive I'm gonna shit myself.

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nice car with a lovely color. Beautiful pictures I must say.

Amazing car! How much does it cost in your country btw? Cars are super expensive in mine! :(

its so amayzing...
i wanna see ypur driving...

This car's beauty is second to non.thanks for sharing

lucky in the world super fast car in the world you have nice post And drive Carefully also love your life ,

Sweet lookin vehicle!

Wow!spend a great day my dear
thanks for sharing

Splendid, how is the fuel consumption.

nice car with beautiful interior

Nice BMW my dude, I love the white.

Beautiful car with awesome interior

It's a dream!I love that car!

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