Lamborghini Terzo Millennio : The futur of automobil

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Italian automaker Lamborghini has unveiled a bold concept car coded in collaboration together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Terzo Millennio is undoubtedly an electric car that wishes to explore several technology, including the usage of supercapacitors as an alternative to batteries.

Lamborghini is known for the futuristic model of its cars that borrows so much from aeronautics. Suffice to say that a representation of your manufacturer on which is actually a super-sports electric is sufficient to arouse curiosity, moreover whenever we learn which it collaborates together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It seems sensible the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, or Lamborghini of another millennium. This electric supercar sports an ever bold and aggressive design that projects us towards an upcoming where the car merges having a spacecraft. "Automobili Lamborghini is wanting to approach the electrification process in a unconventional way, with an idea car that is radical concerning energy management, bodywork, architecture and design, but which respects the Lamborghini culture. Can you read for the project's webpage.

A lively body that self-repairs

The collaboration with MIT focuses for example on the introduction of another solution to batteries. In this case, Lamborghini wishes to create supercapacitors which will load and unload rapidly to supply accelerations worthy of an excellent sports. These components would are employed tandem together with the bodywork using carbon fiber nanotubes that may store energy and replace lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, this body would be able to detect the degradation with the carbon fiber and, potentially, to self-repair. All this is certainly still in the style stage plus its unlikely that many of us will see a Terzo Millennio for the road. But Lamborghini seems going to complete any part of the ideas presented. The partnership with MIT lasts four years during which the producer hopes to quickly attain concrete outcomes for the machine of storage as well as release on carbon fiber nanotubes. We will follow this project with interest!

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I saw the video of the reveal just now .. What a car. The guy who has the idea to create and draw a car like that, he's a pure genius

My most favorite car but unfortunately I cant drive in Pakistan

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