My troubels with selling used car

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I found myself in the problem of selling a used car, I think the car market in my country is overwhelmed and is not easy to sell the car without losing a lot.

I own Škoda Superb age 2006, great car but is time to move on.
I admit, I never loved this car but I always appreciate it, He never left me on the road, he is a small consumer of gas, it never failed and there were no major failures on it. Very solid and very reliable.
But from the day one, I felt lacking that certain something, that good feeling of driving it.
He is with me and my family almost 8 years and has almost 300,000 km
A Friend of mine is selling his car, newer one, with better equipment, much more gadgets(it is important to me) and the place for our dog and I think is a good opportunity for me.
It is Hyundai i 40, age 2014

The problem is that I am stuck with this old one. I am aware of the fact that I can not get the good price and that the difference between this two is more than double. But I should be able to sell it to at least soften expenses for the newer one.
I made the add on the webpage specialized for car selling and put a reasonable price but no one calls, no emails nobody is interested at all.
It's no surprise to me, there are thousands of them on the web
Although my price is below the competition still no success. So I think to go on Sunday and try to do it in the old fashion way, I will go on car market and try to sell it there. Of course, I will wash it before and dress some nice wardrobe to look more convincing and to look like a real salesman.

Who knows, it could be a great adventure :)
I'll keep you updated.
Meanwhile, wish me good luck, and if you know some tricks or have some tips I will appreciate it.


Perhaps you can make a trade at the dealership for the car you want. You may get a better price for both when you buy from them, unless you have already promised to buy the other.

The market is soft here also, so I hold on to my old car and wait for better days. Good luck!

The dealer is probably the way to go, either way.

Second hand car is always in trouble, in my idea we should always buy a new car and change it after 2 years.

Ooooo I just love resellers (kšeftar) calls. I give you 2000 Eur (on add it was 4000)... Yeah sure just come and taki it. I am Santa or something

Pripremi živce prijatelju :)

ovo bi moglo potrajati ?

Možda ode odma nikad se nezna :)

i just sold an old car and i know what u mean it's a little difficult