Sportmile will implement STAGE 3 in Mercedes AMG GT R - well over 150 hp more with RWD

in car •  last year

Such actions can be implemented faster in the virtual garage of Forzy Motorsport than in real life. The creator of the steel figure gallery and collector, Jose Mariusz Olejnik will pick up the latest Mercedes AMG GTR from the Mercedes showroom in Łomianki any day. Unlike other copies circulating around PL, the JOSE star is distinguished by the Transformers style cover from WARSFOLL, and after the 1500-kilometer cycle it will reach Sportmile Poland for specific tunings. A tuner from the outskirts of Warsaw will be rewarded with AMG's proven Stage 3 power package based on a hybrid turbocharger, a custom downpipe with a sports catalytic converter, colder spark plugs, as well as an intake system, etc. etc ... The planned power is 750 hp, that is 165 hp more than offers a serial V8 BiTurbo factory. We do not even make a forecast regarding the improvement of the maximum torque.

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I always wanted to take part in a such nice project... Will see. Now I work with bigger engines - industrial ones - as an engineer.