BMW M4 CS after G-Power modifications 592 KM

in car •  last year

The six-cylinder six-cylinder engine in the BMW M4 CS develops 460 horsepower and 600 newton meter, which is 10 hp more powerful and has 50 Nm more torque than M4. It is also 32 kilograms lighter. In combination with a seven-speed gearbox, the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3.9 seconds. The maximum speed limit electronically is 280 km / h. With the offer of M-fours, only the GTS version is faster.

The German G-Power tuner took on the M4 CS workshop and, among others, thanks to the change of the software and exhaust system to the titanium equivalent, it was able to reach 592 hp and 740 Nm. The acceleration time to 100 km / h has been reduced to 3.7 seconds, and the maximum speed has increased to 320 km / h. The car was fitted with a fully adjustable Coilover suspension and a Hurricane RR light alloy wheel in size 9.0x20 inches at the front and 10.5x21 inches at the rear.

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Thx for info . I pref old BMW . In my opinion the best is E30 :)