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There are a lot of car hiring and car rental services in Dubai. There are a few things to know before you rent a car as most of these car rental agencies require some documents, if you prefer to self drive, you need a valid international driving licence. Some car rentals do our personal drivers to you with an additional charge.


If you are visiting Dubai for the first time or you came because of the attractive tourist centres, business purposes like shopping or you just want to take a look at the beautiful scenery and artistic infrastructures that envelop the city. Then the first thing as a traveller in which you should look out for after safe arrival is a car rental service. It is necessary and relevant as it is your mode of transportation. Dubai is enriched with a lot of car rental service providers that takes care of all travel needs ranging from Airport pickup to drop out, Desert Safari, city tour, hotel transfer etc.

Cheap car rental Dubai offers you solutions to your car rental needs with its all-round mode of transportation and excellent service. So for whatever type of car brand you wish to use, Car rental Dubai is your best bet. Their last fleet and array of vehicles starting from low budget sedans, big cars, buses, trucks, SUVs and more to meet the different requirements by their customers. Services offered by Car rental Dubai includes airport transfers, in which they have cards dedicated to transfer passengers conveniently from airport to their different destinations. They also help passengers in securing and making reservations in different hotels across the city.


You could also rent a car in Dubai for a short-term lease about six months. Car rental Dubai is there at your service; they offer you good lease deals for an affordable price and even give you an option to buy the vehicle when the lease period is over. If you also wish to go for long tours or business trips you could rent a car which offers you luxurious buses, luxury sedans and small luxury cars to make your trip worthwhile. Have you also thought of enjoying the best Desert Safari in Dubai then the best transport you can get is from Car rental Dubai. Different SUVs are available and offer you comfort and luxury to your Safari tours. All these excellent services are provided by trusted car rental service providers like Car rental Dubai. Some of the factors you need to know before you rent a car from an agency such as Car rental Dubai includes:

  1. You need to have a valid international driving licence.

  2. If you want to hire a car you should be a minimum of 21 years of age and should also show a valid proof.

  3. You can request for a driver at an additional cost and submit a valid passport and a driver’s licence. This is part of most company’s rules and regulations you must meet and fulfil before you rent a car.

  4. Advance booking is compulsory if you want to rent a car you must book at least 24 hours in advance.

  5. The type of car will be allotted and given subject to availability for this reason, car rentals like Car Rental Dubai is one of the top choices as they offer most car brands, available and affordable for your hiring.

  6. When you rent a car. You should follow the standard traffic and parking rules. Should anything go wrong you will be held responsible.

  7. In case of a breakdown or accident, you are expected to remain at the place of occurrence except your car is causing problems to others. Then immediately file a police complaint there and then and a Report should be submitted to the 7. concerned agency. It is also necessary to contact the rental company and their contact number and necessary arrangements will be made by them.

  8. If you drop the car at a different location or getting late an additional charge may be required as per the company’s policy.

  9. You can select a different drop point other than your pickup point at the time of booking.

  10. After you have made bookings and you wish to change, they could be altered at an additional cost according to the company policy.