Guess the CAR !! #06

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As always everyone welcome to the next picture in Guess the CAR series. I hope everyone is enjoying this series of pictures and as per my experiences it takes a lot of skill and attention to detail to correctly guess the car in the picture.

So, hop on and start guessing the car. Let's see if you have it in you...

2016_chevrolet_camaro_ss_concept-1366x768 (2).jpg


Lots of upvotes but no guesses at the car. I can clearly see its the latest generation Chevrolet Camaro. I love the appearance of these and like the compromise that it will seat 4. I've owned 2 Corvettes and have 2 boys, so taking them for a ride was a "one at a time" thing prior to my divorce which robbed me of my cars.

This is the 2016 Chevy Camaro SS Concept car. I wish they actually put some with this styling on the road.

You are correct my friend. You are a very lucky man to have owned Corvette's.

Yes I also was a child of the 80's, being born in 1971. I loved every generation Camaro, except the 4th. This current one being the 5th with the retro trend from many years ago is beautiful to me. I had the final year of the 3rd generation F-body, a '91 Z28. It was still the same thing as the IROC-Z's of previous years but Chevy sold the IROC licensing name to Dodge Daytona, as I recall.

Here is my '91 Camaro that I miss, (You can also see my '99 GMC Sierra in the background too) - best of both worlds....

I then replaced it with this 1997 C5 in Nassau Blue, 1 of 292 in that color. It was the first year for the C5. I did go out to the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky several years in a row with my cars. Sometimes, twice a year for shows with clubs at the National Corvette Museum, which is basically almost across the street from the factory. It was a 12 straight through drive for me from Philadelphia, PA. I stopped in West Virginia overnight once or twice if I was too fatigued.


Then I replaced that with this 2006 LeMans Blue with Z51 package...

Yes, that is me driving it on Pocono Raceway. I think you gave me an idea for a posting about the Corvette lifestyle and a lot of the things I did with it, before my divorce took it from me. It didn't take the memories or the photos and videos though.

Wow man you have had some serious cars, where do you live btw??
I live in India, so it's only a dream to see these cars in real life. I recently visited Europe and saw this


I was a 90's kid and have always loved cars from all around the world. I mean it, you are very lucky to have been experienced these cars, so enjoy them to the fullest because it's always a dream for someone like me.

And all the best for your next post on the Corvette memories, i'll make sure i read that post and would follow you.

A nice find in India fo sure. The beautiful multi-spoke wheels with a convertible top too. In Corvette world, we refer to them as "verts". I live in the Philadelphia, PA, USA area, since you asked. I will get another Corvette again someday.

Correct answer is -

Chevrolet Camaro SS Concept


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