The Berlin VLOG - The greatest car collection in the world!

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Classic Remise is heaven for car guys. A combination of car showrooms, restorers and mechanics showcasing everything from pre-war magnificence to the current crop of the worlds fastest cars, I would recommend it to anybody who has a love of cars. It's also completely free to get into (no cost or tickets) and you can wander around for as long as you want getting up close to some of the rarest cars in the world. On this trip my favourite car was the Lamborghini Diablo GT with its custom factory built wide carbon fibre bodykit but the choice of cars was unbelievable. Classic Remise also offer two sites in Germany, Berlin and Dusseldorf, Im planning on visiting the Dusseldorf site soon so let me know what you like in this video and what you would want to see more of.

If you're planning a trip to classic remise then check out these links:
Classic Remise English Website -
Skyscanner to book flights and hotel -
Berlin Tourist Website -

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Hey guys, hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think of my vlog, I'm always amazed at how comfortable other people can appear on camera, hopefully practice makes perfect.....

Asi es la mejor coleccion de coches me gusta mucho gracias por el video esta chido