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Captains log, James T. Kirk

Our engineers start working on a NextColony Java Client called NextValium GUI. It is inspired by the great NextColony client by @rafalski. With @rafalski 's client, you get a better overview over the NextColony galaxy and all the actions which are going on.

Currently, the NextValium GUI only displays the area around the selected position. A tooltip text shows the owner and the name of the selected planet.

Next development steps for the NextValium GUI:

  • Detailed planet info by double clicking on planet
  • Starting missions
  • Flight radar like @rafalski

The only problem: Less time

I publish the code on github. You can use it for your own projects. If you find bugs, you can keep them.

Captain Kirk


Toll toll toll 😊

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Wow, das sieht fantastisch aus! @tipu curate

Danke sehr. Mal sehen was daraus wird. Bin sehr gespannt wie sich NextColony in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten und Jahren weiter entwickelt. Danke für das spannende Projekt! :)

Danke, dass Du Teil dieser Reise bist. Solch prachtvollen Dinge erhöhen den Spaßfaktor immens. (:

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