NextValium GUI 0.11.1 for NextColony - Burn it

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The end of NextColony is near. Planets are burning.

In 22 days, the final season of NextColony is finished. The winner get's 15.000 STEEM. To win the first place, you need a lot of Yamatos and even more STARDUST.

You get STARDUST by exploring or by burning planets. Burning a legendary is worth 9.000.000 SD. Burning a rare uranium planets is worth 90.000 SD.

In the NextValium GUI 0.11.1 you can see all burnt plants by entering username "null" in the universe view.

Already burnt planets

These planets are still remaining.

Remaining planets

If you have a lot of planets and you want to burn them, this little new button may be helpful.

The new "burn planet" button

Download the application here:

Captain Kirk


Burn that Shit!

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