Hello steemit! I'm A Mechanical Engineer And This Is Me Saying Hello

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My name is Praful GAUTAM. I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

I live in Faridabad, Haryana, which is a western state of India. I work for a MNC who deals with the different kind of packaging machines. I got reference of this huge platform through my sister @travel-cuisine.

As new year 2018 is going to start, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and enter in the great steemit fraternity. I love adventure and exploring new places.

India is a very diversified and beautiful country. You will find a lot of great places throughout the country. There are many reasons to travel across India as you will get to experience everything nature has to offer. Also, it is a very good place for adventure lovers. Let us take a trip together throughout my incredible country.

Hope you will enjoy the journey and experience great things in life.

If any of you Steemit friends have any query regarding any place, you can ask questions to me. I can ensure you that I will provide you with the best assistance and guidance.

Praful Gautam!


Hi, welcome to steemit and happy new year. I commend your sister for encouraging you to join this community I also encourage my sister and friends and so far they love steemit. =)
By the way, I love Indian food we just visited one of the Indian restaurants here in Cebu together with my partner and we love it

Dear purepiany welcome you in India and our home. I will serve you our home made food. When ever you willing to visit tell me.

Welcome to the steemit community Praful it is a great place to be.

Welcom to Steemit!!! Gautama is the Buddha's name? I love India, Indian yogis and would like to go there. I'm fro Russia.

Yes @santoshinakamota Gautama is Buddha name. Mr. Buddha who has been tought the meditation and way of living to world. Great place Budh Gaya in India , the birth place of Mhatma buddha. Your welcome ! ,When ever you wanna come call me I will assist you my dear friend.

Thank you, Praful! I will definitely use your suggestion if I ever get to go to India. Sorry for my bad English.

I like your introduction. Welcome to steemit. You are going to enjoy your time here. Feel free to share your articles on this page and you will pretty much appreciate the attention that follows

Thanks for your warm wishes @Kendrick1.

Namaste! Nice to meet you and welcome :)
I would love to visit India.

Namaste dear allesia . Your welcome ).

nice to meet you :)

Same to you @flowerwong .
Many thanks

you are welcome my friend :)

Welcome to steemit community! Civil Engineer here :) I just introduced myself yesterday, just like you! I'll be following you Engr! hope you'll do the same! See you around again! :)

Thanks @larapambuan my engineer brother.

Sure I will do my friend.

Welcome to steemit. India is indeed a beautiful country. Enjoy posting☺

Ya @archie18 India is great place.
Thanks for the wishes.

You are welcome ! I liked your presentation I wish you much success, from my part you have a vote. I leave the link of my presentation so you can also support me https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@noteswill/who-i-am-my-english-presentation

Ufcoze my dear @ noteswill . I will support you.
Thanks for liking my introduction. Wish you too great success !