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Way before being able to frame the issue properly and figuring out that it may be fixable. https://steemd.com/blog/@kevinwong/thoughts-about-vote-buying

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There's one of mine from early 2018. Basically the paid votes were like crack cocaine, and once crack gets introduced to the neighborhood, shit falls apart. Now look around.

Honestly this is the dumbest phase in my life. Glad you're here too lol xD

(remember reading that btw)

These aren't the best days of my life either.

btw, how about cocaine without the crack though?

I don't touch the stuff these days but I did end that article with a joke, something like "I was fine with the cocaine."

Common sense is just not hard to come by. Long term vision is like 25 days for a lot of people. It's like anyone is saying, "I told you so." Now what do we do?

Make predictions and try stuff I guess..

Can you go to 2040 also? =)

To buy or not to buy votes, that is the question. =P